Oliver Perez Should Play This Season For The Mets!

No,  I haven’t lost my mind. I don’t think Oliver Perez is a good player at all.  Ollie is not a team player, he plays for the name on the back of the jersey.  Perez has shown that he has no inclination to work on improving his game and giving something back to the team that is for some reason paying him to be on the team. Ollie would rather sit on his you know what in the bullpen and collect his paycheck than help this team or himself improve.

On the other side you have the New York Mets who refuse to eat the remainder of his contract and cut ties with Ollie. For some unknown reason the Mets would rather let Perez sit in the bullpen and occupy a roster spot instead of sending him packing. Some people have said that the Mets fear if they cut their ties with Ollie they are fearful that he will go to another team and will suddenly be a better pitcher.  I know it’s happened in baseball, but I doubt that would happen with Perez.

Oliver Perez is making 12 million dollars this season.  He has not won a game this season!  Perez has an ERA of 6.70.  Perez last appeared in a game on August 1 in which he allowed 4 runs on 5 hits.  Clearly sitting in the bullpen has done nothing for him.

With Perez occupying a roster spot Jerry Manuel should take a stand against Ollie and the Mets and put this useless, sad excuse of a baseball player in some games! It’s not Jerry’s fault that Perez is taking a roster spot, it’s Ollie’s and the Mets.  Jerry should let Ollie go out every 5 days and embarrass himself and the Mets.  I wouldn’t be saying this if the Mets were 5 games out or less but let’s face it, 2010 is over for the Mets.  Put Perez out there and let him get knocked around so everyone can see how bad he is.  Maybe Ollie will actually realize he needs to take a minor league assignment.  Maybe the team will realize that it’s best just to cut ties with this guy.  Jerry could send a message to the team that if they are going to keep Perez then he’s going to play the guy.

Obviously this will not happen.  Jerry isn’t the type of manager to send this message and this is the Mets, they won’t do anything bold.