Oliver Perez Is Our Recurring Nightmare

Let me start by saying that I’m not hanging yesterday’s loss on Oliver Perez. The game was lost and completely out of hand long before he took the hill in the eighth inning. In fact that’s why he came into the game… The only time we see Ollie now, is when a win becomes as improbable and remote as a Jeff Francoeur 10 game hitting streak.

This is what Perez has been reduced to… pure nothingness… an abberahtion… a pariah… a dead man walking.

His mere presence on the Mets roster has undermined and thwarted any chance of maintaining some semblance of team chemistry for the duration of this season. His negative karma negates any positive energies that may still be present in the clubhouse.

Yesterday’s performance, if you want to call it that, was just another pathetic and demoralizing attempt to hang on to a major league job that should never have been given to him in the first place.

The Mets were unable to improve the team when Saturday’s trade deadline passed, but I propose that releasing Oliver Perez and promoting Pat Misch would have the same effect as trading for a Ted Lilly or Jake Westbrook.

Cutting Perez will give the team a huge morale boost and could reinvigorate what is currently a team that desperately needs a huge emotional lift. At this point in Ollie’s contract, he is still owed about $15 MM of his original $36 MM deal. But, it’s a small price to pay when you consider all the following positives:

1. It sends the team a message that performance does matter regardless of how much you make.

2. It will send a clear message to the fans that the Mets front office has not given up on this season.

3. It rewards Misch for a stellar season in Buffalo, and gives us a chance to evaluate him at the Major League level. We could catch lightning in a bottle as we did with Dickey.

4. It allows Hisanori Takahashi to bolster the bullpen and will return him to a role that he excelled at. We have to give Manuel more reliable options in that pen.

5. It may end the speculation that the Wilpons are in financial turmoil, and that it’s beginning to effect the way they run the Mets.

6. Most importantly, it gets Oliver Perez and his negative energy off the team.

Hey, I completely understand that signing free agents is not a perfect science. Mistakes can and do happen, and no team is immune to signing a player to a bad deal. It happens.

However, good teams will recognize their mistakes, bite the bullet, and move on like the Tigers did with Gary Sheffield last season, and the Angels did with Gary Mathews Jr. this season.

We can no longer afford to toy with the notion that Perez will fulfill what little promise he once had. That ship has sailed a long time ago.

We can no longer try to help a player who refuses to help himself by going to the minors to work out his issues.

If Oliver Perez were making $1 million dollars instead of $12 million dollars this season, would this situation have dragged on as long as it has?

Of course not.. It’s time to get our priorities straight and put the team ahead of your stubbornness and your bruised egos. Unlike Oliver Perez, your egos can be fixed.

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