Morning Grind: Niese, Hot Rod, Feliciano, 86 HoJo

Good morning, Met Nation.

Looks like the Flushing faithful are enduring a busy weekend off the field.

Jon Niese

Well, what do you know? The old “pitch count” monster rears its ugly head again. The Mets are considering putting a limit on Jon Niese before the end of the season. One word: Redonkulous. They’ve already shown restrictions on Niese in spots where he was pulled after 6 IP (his avg start) and wasn’t at 100 pitches. He gave up 2-3 runs to be fair but in most places, that’s considered a quality start. He’s 8-5 with a 3.33 ERA in 138 IP. Generally,Niese has been cruising so unless he struggles badly or has recurring hamstring issues, stop babying these million dollar men and let them pitch. Isn’t that why you pay them? What do you think, Met Nation?

Hot Rod

Rod Barajas went on waivers and was claimed by the Dodgers. This makes sense for L.A. since Russell Martin is probably out for the season and their two platooning guys are struggling. Does it make sense for the Mets, a team that is supposedly making a run at the division? The Mets are to get cash considerations from the Dodgers in this deal. Ah, so they do need money after all. Just kidding. Couldn’t resist. I think Thole’s really good and has the potential to be better. I’m just not sure how to take this move but giving a younger Thole an opportunity can’t be all bad. Filling the roster spot left by Barajas is Jesus Feliciano….


I just posted last week on how highly I thought of Jesus Feliciano and the word on the street is he is going to the Bucs in a deal. Well, that appears to be a rumor and he’s staying with the Mets. He’s not a young guy at 31 but depth at the CF position. He’s pretty much a reserve outfielder no matter what team he’s on. Where there’s smoke, there’s fire. Although a false alarm but I think he is being ‘auditioned’ for an August exit. We got two guys that can play two or three positions in Pagan and Carter. Beltran was on waivers but unclaimed. Feliciano, on this team, is a mere convenience. We won’t be seeing Frenchy or Jesus around here much longer. Three pieces of evidence: F-Mart (LF), Duda (OF) and Kirk Nieuwenhuis (CF).

’86 HoJo

I’m sure that many fans wanted to do just that: 86 HoJo. Firing the hitting coach by itself is pointless. Hojo’s team meeting last week was followed by a dramatic (but temporary) boost in the Met’s bats. Still, the hitting has been ‘pathetic’ and conversely there is some dissension in the clubhouse between the players and the coaching staff. Recent articles show a lack of appreciation by some for some post game comments by Manuel. Somebody wore out their welcome, huh? When that happens, a managerial change is a certainty. It’s not like they can fire players. There’s even some tenseness between Hojo and Manuel. It’s practically impossible for this to not translate onto the field. Unhappy home, unhappy children. The offense improved because they played a group of scrubs. Let’s see the offense does against the Marlins and Braves. 

Met Nation, let’s start the day off right. Have a fantastic day. It’s yours for the taking.