Morning Grind: Johan Shutout, Boycott, K-Rod, No Country For Old Men


The “Ace” Johan Santana pitched a shutout yesterday afternoon against the Rockies in a 4-0 win, giving up 4 hits in his complete game effort. Santana has, most emphatically in this game at least, shown why he is the real closer for this team. Whenever things get off track, the ace is supposed to bring things back into alignment with a quality start. It’s funny how Big Pelf is expected to be a stopper. The Met websites and the papers have dropped that not so subtle hint on more than four occasions this season alone. Not sure what that means but you’re free to speculate. Does this win do anything to alleviate the angst that most Met fans feel? Probably not but it feels good and it looks good to see “Ace” put a hurting on the competition. Maybe that will translate to the rest of the staff and the bullpen too. MAYBE. It’s amazing how no one leads the league in shutouts like we do. You would think that would translate into a better than a meager .500 record.¬†That’s the dichotomy and strangeness that permeates this team and the organization as a whole. Not a whole lot of things make sense but a win is a win, right?


In theory, since we know that the Wilpons and those like them care about the proverbial bottom line. That is the dollar dollar! So is this boycott getting the attention of the organization? Advocates of the standoff should hope so. It is clearly evidenced that the Mets have the biggest drop in attendance in the entire league. Any new thoughts on the boycott? Is it working? Do you see any signs of change in the way the team is dealing with the beleaguered fan base? Bring your thoughts and insights.


I won’t belabor the points since this has been discussed ad nauseum already since the incident was reported. I want to hear your thoughts. Is K-Rod the closer of the future or is this an incident (in a long list of Met incidents lately) that will spell the end of the K-Rod era? I’m sure if it’s the latter, many people’s heartburn in the ninth inning will suddenly and miraculously disappear.


The young guys are getting more playing time and the “older” guys are being moved out. It’s a safe bet that guys like Blanco, Barajas, Frenchy, and even maybe Beltran are not going to be around for the long haul. So where does that leave the future of the team? Is Ike Davis, Angel Pagan, and names in that category sufficient to carry this team into the future and hopefully a world title? Clearly, this team doesn’t have the right mix of veteran leadership and youth to make a run as things look now. Any suggestions on how this can be improved aside from the dismantling of the management team as a whole? What needs to be addressed during what’s left of this season and going into next year? Who would you like to see on this team and why?

Alright, Met fans. Make it good. Have a fantastic day!