Mets Wave White Flag With Non-Moves

The Apologists and those looking for the silver lining in the clouds a day after the non-waiver trading deadline have all had there say. I’ve seen Matt Cerrone over on Metsblog say the Mets did the right thing. I’ve seen a few writers here comment and suggest that no one move would have put us over the top, or brought us a post season berth, Conjecture on some of the media’s part is that the Mets were “winners” with their inactivity. They didn’t surrender their blue chip prospects to acquire help that MAY have proved futile in the seasons last 60 games, or may have given the team a punchers’ chance in the wild card and division.

My take is the Mets sent a message to Met nation through their inactivity. That inactivity articulated a message that should be heard loud and clear. We weren’t good enough at the start of the season, and we’re not good enough now to push for a playoff spot. And for all the 2011 proponents, those deals that were reportedly offered would not have affected 2011 .

At the very least, the proposed Octavio Dotel for AA lefty Robert Carson should have been consummated. The reported deal of Jose Guillen for Jeff Francouer   straight up should have been consummated.  The 8th inning help from Dotel would have been a clear upgrade for this bullpen, easily helping to define roles that, at this moment, are totally unclear, the cascading effect of defining 8th and 9th inning roles would have allowed Jerry Manuel to mix and match with Parnell, Feliciano, Acosta and company in the 6th and 7th innings.

As for the Frenchy for Guillen deal, you make trades for better players. When an opportunity presents itself, you trade for the better ballplayer. Guillen is clearly better than Francouer. His attitude and past problems aside, Guillen is the better player. Perhaps the argument was what do we do with Angel Pagan when Bay returns? You continue playing him, and take offers for Guillen during the waiver period if you are out of contention by August 31st. Some contender in the hunt would surely surrender a prospect for him. (San Fran, Anaheim,  White Sox?) At least a prospect equivalent to the aforementioned Carson could have been had, and Dotel would be under control for another season as well.

Guillen would’ve provided more thump in a lineup that needs it. He’s a better hitter for certain.

So for those who were worried about sacrificing blue chip prospects for ’11 and beyond, I submit to you these two moves above as evidence that Met ownership doesn’t believe in this 2010 version of the Mets. They waved a white flag with their inactivity. So the kiddie corps Mets will be arriving for their annual September rush, just to try to keep the turnstiles moving.