Mets Need Leaders Desperately

Leadership. The word of the week. The month. The year? Clearly, it’s that important. But who’s in charge here?

Changing players, GM’s, coaches, scouts, bat boys, and even the clubhouse janitor is futile if they lack the drive and determination to win. The ideal guys will scratch and claw because they have to win, they need to win, nothing less is acceptable or palatable. The words “It’s only a game” means nothing here. They are competitive in the workplace, neighborhood pick up games, Madden NFL, or playing the greatest sport in the world. They want it and they hate to lose and would do anything to erase the feelings losing brings. 

The body language on defense. Pressing at the plate. Mental lapses in the field. Arms losing faith in their stuff. An enraged fan base. And management that doesn’t seem to care. They used to go after players no matter what. Now they wait. Hope. Sleep. It’s not every player or management person but it’s an attitude and approach that has permeated this organization and it starts with Fred Wilpon’s indifference. He thinks Jeff’s doing a great job. The financial situation. BAD. The lackadaisical play by the so-called core. PITIFUL. The inability to know when to make “big boy” moves in a division full of big boys. DESPICABLE. Fred continuously preached family values when it came to this team. Vince Coleman was thrown off the team for throwing firecrackers into a crowd and injuring fans. K-Rod threw punches and injured a family member. Hello? Who’s in charge here?

Check out this article by John Harper of the NY Daily News.

Even the players know what we know too. Management blows. Check the comments by Beltran and K-Rod when the Phillies got Oswalt.

That’s one leader I wish the Mets would follow. Everybody’s looking without for answers instead of within.