Mets Offense Gone AWOL – Mets Lose 3-1 To Phils

The Mets lost game three to the Phillies, 3-1 tonight and lose the series. Mike Pelfrey had a decent outing, not exactly like his last start, but an outing that the Mets could have won on. That is if the Mets had any offense. Six hits, one run tonight. Thanks to Jose Reyes’ solo homerun in the third inning. Mets bullpen did well, two scoreless innings. Mets fall back to one game under .500.

Game Summary

Mike Pelfrey didn’t have as great of a start as he did in his last time out. He did look good getting a 1-2-3 first inning but was burned for a run in the third inning. Pelfrey’s sinker was getting the ground outs, but the Phillies were still finding holes in the Mets defense past Wright and Castillo. Mike Pelfrey went seven innings, giving up three runs on seven hits. Pelfrey didn’t walk anybody but only got one strikeout. Pelfrey receives his seventh loss of the season.

Pedro Feliciano came into the eighth inning and got two outs, striking out one batter. Bobby Parnell came in and finished up the eighth inning with an out. Hisanori Takahashi pitched the ninth inning, giving up a hit and a walk, but walked away with no runs and a strikeout. The Mets bullpen only wants to pitch well when the Mets are losing.

Mets offense wasn’t there tonight…yada yada yada. You know how it goes. The Mets had six hits on the night and the only run coming from Reyes’ solo homerun in the third. Since that homerun in the third, the Mets only had one hit for the rest of the game. Yeah, that bad. The Mets are 3-for-34 with RISP during this homestand and are 0-for-11 with RISP in last two games versus the Phillies.

Let’s start with the only run producer for the Mets tonight. Jose Reyes went 2-4 with that solo homerun in the third inning. He was caught stealing in first inning and if you didn’t see, ask Joe Morgan and John Miller about it. They discussed it and analyzed it for three straight innings.

Carlos Beltran and David Wright combined for 2-7 on the night. Wright didn’t strikeout tonight, but Beltran did. Twice. (But then again, so did Ike and Pagan.) Wright had has fifteenth error on the season; back-to-back games now with an error. Beltran also had trouble with his knee as he wasn’t able to run down a fly ball in center that he could have gotten back in his prime years.

Jeff Francoeur had a pinch hit role in the game. Came about ten feet from hitting a homerun, but Citi Field steals another one. Anyone else hating those walls?

Josh Thole gave up three stolen bases in the game. He needs to adjust his throwing. He needs to release the ball while still in his crouch, he seems to pop up before throwing it.

On a somewhat brighter note: Today was Ollie’s 29th birthday. The Mets had cake before the game. Anyone approve of them eating cake and celebrating before the game?

Turning Point

To me it was when the Citi Field wall decided to mock Francoeur’s fly ball in center to rob him of a homerun.

Game Ball

To the Mets fans who got their Mets lunchboxes at the game today? I don’t know.

Up Next

The Mets head to Houston to begin a four game series. Jonathon Niese will start the first game as he looks for his eighth win of the season. The Astros will have Wandy Rodriguez on the mound for them as he looks for his tenth win. Rodriguez has only allowed two earned runs in his last four starts while striking out 32 in that time frame. Game time is 8:05 PM on SNY.