Mets Are Chasing Their Own Tails

In a must-read article by Andrew Marchand of ESPN, he interviews David Wright and gets him to open up about his frustration with the state of the team.

“I thought we created a lot to build on in ’06, but it seems like we have taken some steps back, off of that year. It is frustrating being able to experience that, but not being able to experience that on a consistent basis.”

Wright also goes on to say that the Mets should be built around pitching and hopes that the team acquires “a no-doubt-about-it top-level starter like Cliff Lee“.

I thought that was pretty amusing and wondered if they did get that “no-doubt-about-it top-level starter”, if his team would give him the same crappy run support they have given Johan Santana in the last two years.

Anyway, my favorite part of Marchand’s article is how he describes the Mets offseason strategy during the Minaya era.

The Mets’ history is this: They chase their own tails. They usually look at their previous season, decide where they were deficient, try to fix that area and hope they receive the exact same production from their strong areas. It usually doesn’t work out well — and they go tail-chasing in another area the next offseason.

Spot on. I couldn’t have said it better myself.

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