Let’s Go Mets – In A New Direction

At the moment, the Mets have NO leader – last we heard from the Wilpons, Fred said he had a meeting with University of Michigan Alums  and Jeffy gave you 18 words of boilerplate.

Omar, is Omar – he’s been involved with the NL East since the Toronto Days, a nice man, very charming and polite, but hasn’t reached the computer age yet.

Jerry Manuel is also a nice man – caught over his head in a team based in the Media Capital of the US.  He needs to realize that and be prepared to answer all questions from all comers.  Sometimes it works, some times it is out of his reach.

As for the rest of the staff, there are no stand outs.

The only change I would make and I would have made it earlier is to bring in Bobby Valentine ASAP. He’s got no learning curve here – he’s already had this team and understands all the Wilpon double-talk. (No more mentions of Wally Backman, please – he’s still carrying a DUI and some Domestic Violence issues from Arizona)

I’d like to also give the team just a couple of words.

Guys – Remember when you were twelve and wanted to grow up and play baseball in New York?  Well, you’re here, show us that you deserve to be.

Who knows, maybe K-Rod with all his hubris may have saved this team.