How Much More Of This Can We Take?

It’s getting awfully hard to find anymore reasons to justify keeping Jerry Manuel as the manager of the Mets.

His inability to identify the critical point late in a game when he should use his closer and best bullpen option Frankie Rodriguez, has resulted in yet another devastating loss.

This time, with the Mets hanging on to a razor thin 2-1 lead in the eighth inning and the bases loaded, Manuel decided to let Manny Acosta pitch to Melvin Mora. This after a wild pitch by Acosta already advanced two inherited runners, forcing the Mets to intentional walk Troy Tulowitski.

The writing was on the wall… All I could think of was all the other grand slams the Mes have already allowed this season, a league leading eight of them.

The result was more gut-wrenching than I could ever have imagined. It was a jolt to my system… A punch in the gut… I was furious.

Melvin Mora blasts a grand slam into the left field seats to put the Rockies up 5-2. I was in stunned disbelief.

I should be used to these types of losses by now, but it’s just so hard…

We haven’t won back to back games since June 23rd, so if nothing else tonight’s game was huge just for the psychological lift it would have provided. In that sense I saw this game as a must win, and Jerry Manuel was completely oblivious to that fact. He really has to go.  

I just don’t understand his logic anymore… I can’t wrap my brain around it.

It’s not like Rodriguez needed the rest, he’s only pitched once in the last four days. Why wasn’t he ready to enter the game? It was only a one run lead so the chance he might be needed for a four or five out was extremely high. What the hell did are we paying him $36 million dollars for?

For all I know, it wouldn’t surprise me if Manuel’s decision not to use K-Rod, led to the fireworks in the Mets locker room after the game which culminated in Rodriguez being arrested for punching out his father-in-law. Bad decisions can lead to bad things.

This has gone as far as it could go. It’s time for a call to action.

I implore Omar Minaya or Jeff or Fred or whoever the hell is calling the shots these days, to rid this team of Jerry Manuel with due haste. 

Summon him to your suite at 3:00 AM  in the morning if you must, and have your proverbial machete sharpened and at the ready. Then swing away and sever the relationship between Manuel and this team in one fell swoop.

Make it quick and painless, and then pick up the phone and get Wally Backman or Tim Teufel to fill out the next lineup card for the New York Mets.

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