Game Preview: Rockies vs Mets

The Mets come home to try to salvage their last chance of post season hopes tonight as they take on Jimenez and the Rockies at Citi Field. The Mets will be hoping tonight that Mike Pelfrey returns to his early 2010 form as he had another bad outing his last time out. On the season he is 10-6 with a 4.16 ERA. Pelfrey pitched a crucial game earlier this season as the Mets really needed him to beat the Rockies as the early part of the season was starting to spiral out of control. In that game Pelfrey pitched 7 shutout innings allowing only 5 hits and striking out 6. The Rockies have these numbers on Mike:

Tulowitzki 5-12, 2B
Hawpe 1-10
Barmes 0-11
Helton 6-7, HR
Olivo 2-9, HR

The Mets will have to face one of the most dangerous pitchers this year, Ulbado Jimenez who is starting to come back down to earth in terms of his ERA (now 2.61) but not in his record which is a staggering 17-2. After a very shaky majority of July, he has returned to his normal form in his last two starts allowing 1 ER over 7 innings in each start. He faced the Mets twice last year with a 1-0 record over 15.0 innings allowing 5 ER (3.00 ERA). The Mets have these numbers on Ulbado:

Wright 2-8
Pagan 1-8, 2B
Reyes 2-7, 3B, HR
Beltran 1-6, 2B

Lets Go Mets!

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