Game Called Due To Rain, Mets Win 5-1 Over Bucs

The Mets were able to keep the game short as they win 5-1 against the Pirates, as the game was called due to rain in the sixth inning. Niese pitched well, Wright had a long homerun, and the table setters were running mad! The Mets wore NY Cubans uniforms today when they should have wore some ponchos. The rain kept coming down hard and after a long rain delay, the umpires and grounds crew finally called the game. Mets get their first road series win against an NL team.

Game Summary

Jon Niese didn’t have to have his innings limited as he only got to pitch five innings before the game was called due to rain. Niese pitched well in that short span, mixing his curve well with his 92 MPH fastball. He usually waits till later on in games to really bring out that curve, but must have gone with a different strategy because of the rain. He allowed one run across in the third inning, and only gave up five hits and one walk. He struck out five batters as well and thew 83 pitches. Seemed like he was laboring towards the end.

The Mets offense continues to do well in Pittsburgh as they tally seven hits in the five innings the two teams played tonight. Mets were able to score five runs on the night thanks to Reyes and Pagan running crazy in the first inning, a sac fly by Tejada in the fourth and Wright’s three-run homerun in the fifth.

Jose Reyes and Angel Pagan lead the Mets hitting tonight with two hits each, with both having a double. These two table setters did their job in the first inning when they were running like deer – very daring, dangerous, deer. However, not sure about Reyes sliding head first into home plate when the catcher, Snyder, was blocking the plate.

David Wright had one hit in the game with a three-run homerun in fifth inning – his nineteenth of the year.

Ike, Beltran, and Thole also had one hit each in the game with Ike having a double off the center field wall.

Ollie Sighting: Ollie was taking more batting practice before the game. Is he trying to turn into a hitter? Wouldn’t be a bad idea.

Turning Point

David Wright’s three-run homerun in the fifth inning followed by the rain.

Game Ball

David Wright had a huge homerun in the game and deserves the game ball.

Up Next

Johan Santana rounds out the three game series in Pittsburgh as he goes for his eleventh win. The Pirates will have Zach Duke on the mound for them. Duke hasn’t pitched past the sixth inning in any of his last ten starts. Game time