Dickey Conquers, Mets Win 1-0

R.A. Dickey was masterful, allowing ONE HIT all game and giving the Mets their second straight shutout in a row.

Game Notes

As Joe D mentioned in his post, Dickey was OUTSTANDING. Dickey allowed one hit over nine innings, walking one and striking out seven. Dickey was never in trouble, and minus one walk got through most innings with limited pitches, including three innings of exactly nine pitches. Its ironic that the only hit Dickey gave up was to the opposing pitcher. Dickey has been all the Mets could ask for and more, and I will personally donate $5 to resigning Dickey. Knuckleballers normally fail, but not many knuckleballers have thrown such a hard knuckleball, or even such a variety of knuckleballs.

The bullpen was GREAT today…mostly because, well we didn’t see a bullpen. K-Rod returns tomorrow, and Raul Valdes and Ryota Igarashi will be hitting Buffalo so Pat Misch and the aforementioned K-Rod can return.

The Mets offense was stifled for the most part, but blew some major chances. Mike Hessman had a home run overturned by replay into a triple. That inning ended in back-to-back strikeouts by Frenchy and Blanco, an IBB to Ruben Tejada and a groundout by R.A. Dickey. The damage was done in the sixth inning, on a two-out double by David Wright, followed by an RBI double by Carlos Beltran.

The Mets have now had 18 shutouts on the season.

Ruben Tejada, 0-2 with two K’s and an IBB. His batting average is .185, but maybe its just tiredness wearing away at his hitting.

Angel Pagan, 1-4 with two steals. Angel has a fair shot at 35 SB’s, an off-chance at 40 SB’s. If he doesn’t scream CF of the near future for the 2011 Mets, I don’t know what does. 15 HR/30 steal with great defense doesn’t grow on trees

Turning Point

Carlos Beltran’s RBI double in the sixth.

Game Ball

R.A. Dickey. Read above, then go read Joe D’s article and about anything else written. They’ll all speak highly of this one-hitter

On Deck

The Mets will look to clinch a winning series against the Phillies, facing Roy Halladay who they hit hard for five runs the last time they faced him and send newly-recalled Pat Misch to the mound. 7:10 P.M is when the streak hopefully continues!