Beltran Trading Spaces?

“I believe” in miracles. I really believe in trades when they make sense.

My personal feelings aside (for now), I think everybody on this team should be up for grabs and should not be deemed “untouchable”. Recent history shows that any thing done to change the chemistry and the dynamic of this team should be done quickly and efficiently. THIS TEAM is not a winner. Speaking of, there are some thoughts within the organization that a deal can be made with the ‘lovable losers’ in a possible deal for Beltran with the Chicago Cubs. This would surely have to include Castillo and Perez in a possible 3 for 1 swap and provide the Mets a return in Carlos Zambrano.

There is some good and bad with this thought process, rumor or not:

GOOD: Zambrano signed a 5 yr contract in 2007 at 91.5 million bucks. Beltran’s (2010 :$19.1M 2011 :$18.5M), Castillo’s (2010 :$6.25M 2011 :$6.25M), and Ollie’s (2010: $12M; 2011: $12M) money comes out to around 78 million. Carlos Z is under contract until ’12.

BAD: We lose two albatrosses from the roster but we may be inheriting a problem child. He clearly has not been a boon for his clubhouse the past couple of years. He has been sent home in the middle of a game for what was deemed “out of control” behavior and unacceptable conduct. This has great weight coming from Lou Piniella. Talk about conduct.

GOOD: Since starting in the majors in ’01, he has a record of 103-64 (from 2003-2010) and an overall record of 108-74, 3.59 ERA all 10 seasons. He is a winning pitcher despite the mental “lapses”.

BAD: Where he fits in our rotation is still yet undetermined. His last outing since returning to the Cubs rotation was wild to say the least. His high walk counts indicate that he is struggling to find the strike zone and hopefully, not indicative of any injuries. 

Well, guess what? The Mets can trade Carlos Beltran now that the center fielder has cleared waivers, according to Jon Paul Morosi of Fox Sports. Beltran has a no-trade clause and $24MM remaining on his contract, so a trade remains highly unlikely. Real talk: Beltran is batting just .195 and was not in the Mets’ lineup on Tuesday night against Colorado ace Ubaldo Jimenez. Based on Beltran’s performance this season, it’s hard to imagine that any team would be eager to take on a substantial portion of his $18.5 million salary for next year.

If it’s about saving money, then why isn’t Jason Bay‘s contract being mentioned? After next year, when we assume that the team will trying to add more talent, Bay will be very, very expensive. 

I BELIEVE in this trade, any trade that moves bad money and bad players or both. Is this a deal you would do with 50 games left in your season?