Are You Still Emotionally Attached To The 2010 Mets?

The Mets said they understood the importance of this series in Atlanta and the need to sweep to have any chance of making September relevant. The Mets said they were ready.

Can you imagine what would have happened had they not have been?

Last night’s dismantling at the hands of the Braves was disheartening not in that they loss, but in the manner in which they were beaten. They didn’t just mail in the game, they used Federal Express. There was a listlessness about them that I hadn’t seen much this summer. We keep hearing how the Mets have their shortcomings, but that they always hustle and play hard.

I didn’t see that last night.

I saw a flat team. A team that gave away countless at-bats. A team that didn’t play crisp in the field and whose bullpen sprung another leak. A team that in front of its owner, laid down.

The Mets played like a team knowing its season is over and will have a new manager next year. How can you get any other feeling when they used Oliver Perez, the human white surrender flag?

The Mets played without emotion, without passion to the point where it begs the question: If they don’t care why should we?

Is anybody still emotionally involved with the Mets anymore?

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