A Memo To Fred Wilpon: The Time Is Now

After two of the most shameful games in the history of the New York Mets, I’m calling for the team owner – yes, you Fred Wilpon – to make some moves. Last night a local sport station host played “Taps” as he recounted the past two games. He’s a long time fan of the Mets – since their inception..

Is this what you want for the Mets? It wasn’t funny – it was sad.

First move – there is no earthly reason to keep Oliver Perez and Luis Castillo on this team. Get them out of here – now. You owe them money? That’s not a good enough excuse – it’s your team – make it work.

Jerry Manuel needs to go too – right now. He has no idea how to manage a game in progress. Whoever managed the game a week ago when Jerry Manuel was serving a penalty will be just fine until the end of the year if you can’t get Bobby Valentine in-season.

There are only a few other moves that are needed to really shake up this team. Anyone here on the MMO blog can point out to you who needs to stay and who needs to go. There are some fine every day players – Reyes, Wright, Ike, Pagan, and a couple of others. Beltran will be fine too when he is completely healed and in playing condition. They are the future.

One more thing, Fred. A major league baseball team is not like Wedgewood china passed down from generation to generation. It is a living, breathing, entity which needs daily attention year round on many levels.

Please do the right thing for all involved – the team, your employees and Mets fans everywhere.