Will A Trade Make Sense This Year For The Mets?

In 2007, 2008 and now in 2010 the Mets needed to upgrade their team during the season by making a trade.  In 2007 the Mets needed to add a starter to the rotation.  They did not add a starting pitcher and wound up having an epic collapse.  The Mets didn’t end making trade as Omar would go onto say “nothing really made sense.”  The 2008 New York Mets desperately needed an arm in the bullpen, especially when Billy Wagner went down with an elbow injury and would have to have season ending surgery.  Once again with his team needing a trade Omar said he worked the phones but “nothing really made sense.”  In 2009 the Mets needed a whole new team after all the injuries, you cannot blame Omar and the Mets for not making a deal there.  That brings us to 2010 and once again the Mets find themselves needing to make in season upgrade to have any chance of success.

The Mets need a starting pitcher.  John Maine had surgery and is gone and Oliver Perez has been banished to the bullpen to lose games for the team.  R.A. Dickey has been a nice surprise and has filled a rotation spot.  Takahasi when he first came into the rotation did an excellent job.  Unfortunately the league has been able to make adjustments to him and the third time through the lineup is pretty much like batting practice against him.  I’m not blaming Takahasi, he was brought here to be a long relief pitcher and he has excelled in that role.  The bullpen is weaker without him, there’s no doubt about that.  That’s another reason why the Mets need a starting pitcher.

Cliff Lee and Dan Haren would’ve been a great upgrade for this team.  I understand the reasoning in not trading for Cliff Lee since he will be a free agent next year.  Trading Ike Davis to Seattle would’ve been the wrong move.  Maybe in 5 years from now we’ll say it was a mistake or we’ll say it was one of the best non-moves Omar did in his tenure as the General Manager of the Mets.  Unfortunately not trading for Dan Haren is I believe a mistake.  I realize that Haren with his ERA of 4.60 and his 7 wins and 8 loses is not having a great season but he’s a good pitcher.  Haren is owed 33 million dollars and is under contract for another 2 years with an option for an additional 3rd year.  Instead of getting on the phone and trying to make a trade, Omar let Haren go to Anaheim.  The Angels robbed the Diamondbacks blind in that trade.  The Mets farm system is pretty strong, there had to be a couple of players that Omar could’ve sent to Arizona for Haren such as Mejia, Flores, etc…

Omar has been a horrible GM in general but especially with trades.  Just look at his track record.  The Mets need a pitcher, be it Millwood or Ted Lilly.  Hopefully it will not be Gil Meche.  Hopefully there will be a trade that will make sense; if not then this is going to be a long second half.