Whatever Happened To Prevention And Recovery?

After last year’s injury plagued season the Mets unveiled a new slogan in Spring Training.  That slogan was “prevention and recovery.”  They had it posted in the clubhouse in Florida and after last year it was nice to see that the Mets were going to start taking injuries a little more serious.  Fast forward to July and it seems that the Mets have forgotten about “prevention and recovery.”

I’m talking in regard to Jose Reyes’ oblique injury.  Two weeks ago Jose Reyes was taking batting practice in San Juan, Puerto Rico.  The original story the Mets gave us was that Reyes had a stiff lower back.  Once again the Mets put out misinformation as it was later revealed that Jose Reyes suffered an oblique injury. So much for prevention of an injury.  So now Jose had to recover from this oblique injury.  Jose sat for several games until our genius manager decided to put him in the game.  There were some restrictions however.  Reyes’ left side was still bothering him so the gangsta Jerry Manuel decided that Reyes would only bat from the right side.  Reyes also had to slide feet first.

Oblique injuries are very tricky.  They can heal in a couple of days or in a couple of weeks.  Jose Reyes is one the most important players on this team.  Why would the team risk losing him for an extended period of time?  All the Mets had to do was put Jose Reyes on the disabled list and he would’ve came off right after the All-Star break. Of course that makes too much sense.  This team didn’t learn from last year when Reyes had suffered a calf injury.  Manuel rushed him back, causing Reyes to injure the hamstring and end his season.  Reyes is not used to batting on the right side against right handed pitchers.  He looked awful when he was at the plate.  Also Reyes just does not like sliding feet first.  He’s not used it, what if he got hurt doing that?  Last Saturday in the game against the Braves Reyes aggravated the injury again making a long throw to first.  David Wright noticed Reyes was in pain.  That’s right the third baseman, not the manager or the trainers. Reyes’ status is up in the air right now.

I know some laughed at the Mets with the slogan of prevention and recovery but it made sense.  I don’t understand why Manuel would rush Reyes’ recovery.  If the Mets are going to be contenders they need Jose Reyes in the lineup.  It amazes me how this team continues to make these kind of mistakes.  They did not prevent Reyes from aggravating this injury, hopefully the won’t ruin his recovery this time.