Oswalt to Phillies; If He Agrees

Well, I hope Omar Minaya and the Wilpon’s are ready for what is in store for them. Fair or unfair, it looks like they allowed Roy Oswalt to go to division rival Philadelphia.

According to Jayson Stark, a deal is in place that will send Roy Oswalt to the Phillies pending his approval.

Details of the agreement have not leaked out, but I’m very curious to see if Philadelphia has agreed to not only pick up Oswalt’s 2012 option, but also if prized outfielder Domonic Brown was sent to Houston as well?  Another top prospect that you’d like to see leave Philadelphia is Jonathan Singleton. At 18, he’s projecting to be ahead of his age in terms of ability.

I know the first thing a lot of us will do is flip out Jerry Maguire style in the office today. Even though probably half of you didn’t want Oswalt here, you’ll still be mad. I’m looking at this in a different way.

#1 I’m not sure Oswalt makes this team a lock for the 2010 playoffs, so selling the farm for 2.5 years of Oswalt may or may not have been the best option

#2 The Phillies minor league system is approaching “ghost-town” territory, especially if Brown or Jonathan Singleton are dealt. Plus they may have included J.A. Happ which is their equivalent of Jon Niese to the future of that franchise.

I don’t know what the Mets can and should do with the deadline approaching. I think they have so many issues to deal with, that making 1 move may be leading us all towards a big letdown this year.

So we wait and see, the one thing I ask if that we take a deep breath and think about everything before we react. Remember that in order to get Cliff Lee, the Mets would’ve had to send Niese and Ike to Seattle. Remember that a comparible pitcher to Joe Saunders on the Mets is Mike Pelfrey.

Not every team is a perfect fit for the Mets to make deals with, and the Phillies are quickly moving themselves into that type of position with their farm system. Sometimes you gotta just let these things play out.

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