Oliver Perez Is Exactly What Is Wrong With The Mets

It looks like later today or possibly tomorrow Oliver Perez will be reactivated and be back with the big league team.  The genius that Jerry Manuel is has reportedly decided to use him the bullpen as a second lefty.  The fact that Oliver Perez is going to be back on this team just shows how bad the management of this team really is.

Oliver Perez shouldn’t even be on this team anymore.  Perez was signed not for his accomplishments since he never accomplished anything, but for his “potential.”

He has done nothing since Omar gave him that undeserved contract.  We all know why Omar signed Perez over Lowe and let’s admit it it wasn’t because of that 4th year.  Look at what Lowe has done for the Braves since signing his contract: Lowe has started 54 games, so far he’s won 25 of those games.  Oliver Perez since signing his contract: started 25 games and has only won 3 of those games!  Perez since signing that contract has been “injured” and has been downright awful!

The Mets made as many excuses as the could last year after Perez’ horrible season. This year was supposed to be different.  Perez spent a good amount of time in Arizona training before the Spring.  Of course nothing changed.  Perez was as bad as ever.  He also refused to go to the minor leagues even though he was hurting the team paying him 12 million dollars a year.

And now he’s coming back.  Instead of cutting their loses with Perez they are going to continue to let him hurt this team.  Look at the smaller market teams the last couple of seasons have done with expensive talent that has failed to produce. Detroit last year released Gary Sheffield.  Toronto last year released BJ Ryan. Earlier this season the Tampa Bay Rays released Pat Burrell.  Yet the Mets refuse to cut ties with Perez.  They would rather pay Perez to lose games for the Mets than see him go to another team or sit home and collect a paycheck.

Since it’s inevitable that Perez will be back on this team why is Manuel going to place him in the bullpen?  Perez being in the bullpen makes a weak pen even weaker and it hurts the rotation by keeping Takahasi in there.  Takahasi has been great out of the pen.  As a long reliever he’s a valuable player.  As a starter he isn’t. Since Perez is going to be on this team, let him start.  Takahasi can help this team more out of the pen than Perez can.  Just makes no sense at all.