No Panic

I had thought before the all-star break that the Mets had a realistic shot at taking over first place in the division with a 3-game deficit against the first-place Braves.  Of course, that didn’t turn out as planned and we limped into the break 4 games back.  Now, with the Mets 1-5 on their western swing and in danger of falling way out of the race by the time they come home, I offer you these words…..there is no need to panic.

As bad as the Mets can look at times, whether it be their anemic bats or K-Rod imploding or Pelf being lit up, we have to remember they are also capable of winning 10 in a row.  Not only that, but if you’ve followed carefully this season, they seem to have that never-say-die attitude that has been missing in recent years.  In other words, even when the Mets are down 7-1, you don’t feel like they are out of it.

I think if we can salvage some of this trip, we’ll get back home and get back on track. The Braves are playing so well that they may have the division locked up before September, but the wild card is still a very real possibility for this team.  They are 6.5 back of Atlanta but 3.5 behind the Reds for the NL Wild Card.

It sure wouldn’t hurt to acquire a #2 starter, especially before the Phillies do.  But either way I still feel pretty good about this season.  How about you?  Do you still believe?