NL East Report

Atlanta Braves: (46-33; Leader)

The Braves took two of three from the Washington Nationals and will open a three game series with the Marlins this weekend. J Hey was placed on the DL with a thumb injury, while he was 2nd in the All-Star voting in the OF. If he is not ready by then, the replacement would be at the manager’s (Charlie Manuel) discretion. More on this in the next paragraph.

Philadelphia Phillies: (41-36; -4)

The Phillies dropped two of three to the Reds, and dropped the first game of a four game series to the Pittsburgh Pirates. The Phillies send Jamie Moyer to the mound tonight chasing his 368th win. FYI: Jamie Moyer (9-6) has a better record than Roy Halladay (9-7). Also, the Phillies sent Chase Utley and Placido Polanco to the DL. I guess that means either Kelly Johnson or Martin Prado would start the All_Star Game at 2B.

Continued from above. When a player is on the DL and misses the All-Star Game it would not necessarily go to the OF who is fourth in voting (Jayson Werth), it would be the manager’s choice (probably Jayson Werth anyway).

This is relevant in the case of 3B. Wright is second in the voting to Polanco, but with Polanco out, Charlie Manuel would decide between Wright and Zimmerman. He’s likely to go with Wright anyway, as the national media would get on him for snubbing the NL RBI leader.

Florida Marlins: (37-41; -8.5)

The Marlins wrapped up their San Juan series, and will head home to face the Braves.

Washington Nationals: (35-45; -11.5)

The Nationals dropped two of three to the Braves, and took the first game from the Mets. Tomorrow is Strasburg-Dickey, and I’m excited. Also, for what it’s worth, Zimmerman and Capps could be the Nats All-Star representatives.

Weekly Stat: June is now finished, so we’ll take a look at the monthly Pythagorean Win/Loss observations. To see April and May.

Actual W-L Actual W% RS/RA X W-L Luck X Finish X Win %
Atlanta Braves 46-33 0.582 374/314 46-33 0 95-67 0.586
New York Mets 44-35 0.557 362/314 45-34 -1 92-70 0.571
Philadelphia Phillies 41-36 0.532 367/324 44-33 -3 91-71 0.562
Florida Marlins 37-41 0.474 371/345 43-35 -6 87-75 0.536
Washington Nationals 35-45 0.438 323/364 35-45 0 71-91 0.441

Final Note: While you’re feverishly refreshing multiple web-pages for the latest news on LeBron James, Ilya Kovalchuk, Cliff Lee, or who ever you’re following(I know I am), don’t forget that today is that start of MLB international signing period. If the draft is the official, formal, ceremony; then the ISP is the lawless frontier. Players are free to negotiate with any team, and there is much fraud with ages.

The Mets have been linked to some players, but there’s so little information that we don’t know who they’re interested in until they actually sign. Also, these players are younger than MLB draft picks, so don’t expect them in the majors until 2017.