MetsMerized Mailbag With The Kid!

MetsMerized Online : A site by the fans and for the fans. I am very proud to call myself a part of their writing staff and today I am proud to announce a new feature that will soon be implemented here on MMO. The weekly mailbag!

As much as the opinions of the fans here are expressed through their comments and fan submitted posts, the mailbag will provide an opportunity for casual fans to get their opinions out and throw the hard questions in our direction. I’ll be running the mailbag feature and I’ll try to get one out there for every Friday.

Of course, the only way for this feature to work is fan involvement! So I want you to send me any questions, statements, or ideas involving the Mets or MetsMerizedOnline! I will choose around the best 5 or so for next Friday and post them here. Don’t be afraid to voice your opinion and don’t be discouraged if I don’t get to your question this week. I’m hoping for a ton of feedback!

Here are a few guidelines for the Mailbag :

  • I’m not completely opposed to answering questions about anything baseball related, but I would prefer it to be about the Mets.
  • Since Joe gets way too much email, I’ll ask you to submit anything directly to me at “”. Make sure to leave a name to address you by!
  • I would appreciate it if you tried to use correct grammar and spelling when making a submission.

I look forward to hearing from you guys!