Let’s Do This Thing

The All-Star game is behind us, and I’d like to thank Brian McCann for the game-winning hit that will give the Mets home field advantage in the World Series. You think that’s far-fetched?  Well, it’s not.  The Mets are just 4 games back of Atlanta and have a lot to be optimistic about.  Carlos Beltran returns tomorrow in San Fran, and a lot has gone right for the Mets without him. That’s not to say this team doesn’t have flaws, because it does, and they reared their ugly head against Cincy and Atlanta last week.  But the Mets are a true contender.

Lots of things have to bounce right, but it feels good knowing the Mets have a great shot at the postseason and a more-than-we-thought-before shot at actually reaching the Fall Classic.  Hence my opening line, which is only partially in jest.

It sure would be nice if we added a Roy Oswalt, who would look great as a true #2 starter behind Johan, but this team will probably win 85 to 90 games either way.

Are you optimistic?  Are you pessimistic?  Honestly, since we weren’t picked to win, and since no one expected the Mets to finish about fourth place, all the pressure was off.  And combined with great chemistry, unbelievable pitching and the resurgence of David Wright, it’s made this team a contender again.  So let’s do this thing.  Let’s get into the second half on a roll and make a statement that the Mets are for real, and might just be for real into October.