Jumping Off the Cliff Lee Bandwagon.

I’m not an NBA fan; I was back in like 1994 when it was fun to watch. I do enjoy the business of sports and I followed the free agent frenzy up until last night. I officially don’t care about the NBA anymore, but as I watched the joke of a “special” last night I actually started to think about our Metsies. 

When I woke up this morning, I wasn’t shocked to hear the “rumors” about Cliff Lee going to the Yankees. First of all, if that happens, people need to relax. If the Yankees trade for Cliff Lee, it’s a bad move by them. The reason being is they’d have to give up their future catcher, for a guy they can just write a check to in December. It doesn’t make sense if you’re the Yankees and Brian Cashman. I’d be surprised if it happened to tell you the truth, but this just adds to my thought process. 

I am officially taking my name off the Cliff Lee bandwagon. I don’t want him, nor to be honest do I like him. He bores me. I don’t want this team to become the team that is “supposed” to win. I don’t want this team to fall victim to the idea that acquiring this “superstar” makes the Mets a World Series lock. I’m tired of year in and year out, thinking this team should go to the World Series. I’d rather enjoy the ride and get there, then expect a Win every night and be totally rip&*$% when they don’t get to the World Series. 

The NY Knicks essentially put all their eggs in 1 basket, and basically convinced a fan base not only did they need LeBron James, but that they were going to get him and when they did, it’d be sunny days again. 

There’s a certain large part of the population that believes the NY Mets have to get Cliff Lee. Can somebody tell me why? 

Explain to me why the Mets have to acquire a 32 year old free agent pitcher if it means dumping their most valuable future assets? Now that the Yankees are out there as potential suitors, a large group of you will think the Mets have to do anything and everything to get Lee. Why? Are any of us foolish enough to believe that undoubtedly we have a better team with Cliff Lee than say St. Louis?

Look, we’re enjoying the ride, but we’re not dealing with a Mets team that is 1 player away from glory. Would Cliff Lee get the Mets closer? Absolutely. But, what happens in 2011? You realize if the Mets do acquire Cliff Lee, they need to find a pitcher again in the off-season right? I mean the fact the Yankees are even sniffing around tells me 100% Cliff Lee is hitting the open market. Why would he not? When the team with the biggest bank account is willing to trade a prospect for you, why wouldn’t they open their wallet for you also? 

There are so many other options out there that don’t make the Mets “scary” at the top of the rotation but maybe allow them to be more complete this year and next year.

I’m just tired of people trying to act as though we’re 1 starting pitcher away from winning it all. Do I think this team makes the playoffs? Yeah, I really do. However, I don’t think this team MUST make the playoffs in order for 2010 to be a great year. I also don’t think they MUST make the 2010 playoffs if it means forgetting about 2011, and 2012.

If you tell me the Mets can find a reliever for the late innings, plus acquire a guy like Oswalt or Lilly then I am totally in.

For starters, I believe Lilly would sign a deal if he had success with the Mets, and Oswalt gives you a guaranteed starter going into 2011. Lee pitched amazing for Philadelphia last year, but on a team that was better than this year’s Mets team he won 7 games in 13 starts. Can somebody HONESTLY tell me they don’t think Ted Lilly or Roy Oswalt could win 6 or 7 games for the Mets in 13 starts? Plus, consider how many games a potential bullpen arm could win you.

My point is Cliff Lee in name only makes the Mets a great team, but I believe guys like Oswalt, Lilly and even a bullpen arm like Dotel make this team an evenly great team.

I don’t feel like seeing this team head into 2011’s free agent market without a championship, and without a #2/#3 starter again. I think the Mets should just step aside and be smart here. Let the Twins, Rangers and Yankees fight over Lee and pick up the phone and get talking to Houston and Chicago and see how they can get this deal done before the losers of the Lee deal come knocking.

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Michael Branda grew up a Mets fan watching the mid 1980's teams and his favorite Met of all-time is (and was) Wally Backman. When it comes to sabermetrics versus old school thinking, he's in the middle and believes adopting new ways to get answers is helpful, especially when the old way has not produced results.