David Wright MVP… Maybe?

I am single handedly prepared to be bashed worse then a horrible 90’s actor at a roast with Jeffery Ross. Regardless of his skyrocketing K totals, his declining walk rate and his inability to hit in the clutch sometimes, statistically David Wright has a good chance to win the MVP – especially if the Mets reach the playoffs.

David Wright is currently sitting on a 53/15/65/15 line (RS/HR/RBI/SB) and hitting .310. In most cases, this would be a very average line for certain players – but there is some evidence that if David could put together a line near 30/30 with a .300 average and helping his team to the playoffs that he could receive the award… and the name will immediately infuriate most Met fans – Jimmy Rollins.

Mr. Rollins, upon winning his 2007 MVP Award, hit .296 and hit 30 HR and stole 45 bases. Now, the 30 HR are really an anomaly, since Rollins HR totals have fluctuated throughout his career, going as high as 30, and as low as 8. Rollins may have won the award because he was hitting lead off for his team. But could a similar line prove to push David over the edge?

Another name to mention – Dustin Pedroia who won and was a bit of a surprise winner. His line of 118/17/83/20/.326 in 2008 doesn’t truly fit amongst MVP numbers, but there it is proof that a player who can help his team win and be their team’s anchor, is capable of winning the MVP over the power hitter who bats .270 and hits 40 bombs.

Looking at where David Wright is located in the overall pack in most of the major category – he is in the top-5 in RBI behind former MVP Ryan Howard and Corey Hart, top-10 in average, top-10 in doubles, top-10 in hits, top-20 in steals and top-10 in OBP. Just being in the top’s of these lists put him in very good company.

The only factor that statistics as well as the human eye can see is from the Murderers May 2009 (injuries to Delgado, Beltran, Reyes) until about…June 20th, or the last game of the Yankees series. Since that date, David has only struck out 18 times in 25 games, with nearly 1/6 of that coming in one game versus the Nationals. In all of May, David struck out 39 times…in 28 games. In May, David had 4 games with zero strikeouts. In the 25 games since June 20th, David has had zero strikeouts in TEN games and only struck out more then once in a game 3 times. If this doesn’t show turning a corner, and give evidence that David is finding his groove and is returning to the form of old, that had him in the MVP race annually then something must’ve changed in baseball.

A final line for David looking something like 100/30/130/30/.305 would give him one of the best all-around seasons for a 3rd baseman, and in a down year for Albert Pujols, could possibly win him the MVP award. The sad thing is – because of Jason Bay’s futility David’s numbers could be better (RBI, R) and also he wouldn’t look so in control of the lineup, operating as the anchor, hitting where the best hitter on the team should hit – the three hole.

Hate Dave or love him – he puts up the numbers to be one of the best 3rd baseman in the game, bar-none. If his numbers can lead to the Mets getting into the playoffs and getting over the hump, then I, Sean Kenny personally believe he should be awarded the MVP award.

Now, I’ll escape before the lynch mob comes to call me a Wright-Jockey.