2010 All Star Game: Finishing Touches

I find it amazing that even though the National League hadn’t won an All Star game in 13 years prior to last night’s 3-1 victory, they still lead the overall All-Star game series 41-38-2. You take away those 13 years, and the NL was 40-26-1 which is about a .600 winning percentage. All those online sports betting sites must have had some huge payouts after that NL upset.

Was it just me, or did anyone else come away thinking that the ASG felt a lot like it was being played at Yankee Stadium… Again…

To begin, I thought the five minutes of silence for George Steinbrenner and the opening montage were expected, a nice touch, and very fitting. But then it was a non-stop Yankees love-fest all night long, and even the Anaheim faithful seemed to be growing weary of it, booing anything Yankees related (players or otherwise) relentlessly.

It’s as if the Yankees crashed their party… In addition to all the Steinbrenner tributes and references throughout the night, there was also that special Bob Sheppard pre-recorded (obviously) audio announcing each of Derek Jeter’s at-bats. And then the one time they wired a player for those silly “sounds of the game” moments, it was none other than Yankee southpaw Andy Pettitte. Obviously, it was expected that Joe Girardi would have his live in between innings interview, another silly thing they do these days to make watching baseball more annoying for us. Anyway, it seemed a little too over the top and I felt like it was building up to a grand Yankees finale that would feature a mammoth walkoff 3-run bomb by Alex Rodriguez to extend the NL’s winless streak. Thank you, Marlon Byrd and David Ortiz.

Another interesting tidbit that came out of Anaheim yesterday… Bud Selig spoke to baseball writers at their annual meeting which also took place on Tuesday. Selig said that the Mets deserve to host an All-Star Game at Citi Field. Those in attendance understood that to mean that Selig is expected to award the 2013 All Star game to the Mets. Selig stopped short of making it official, but did go onto say,

“The Mets have built a great new ballpark and, yes, they deserve an All-Star Game.”

Needless to say, that would be amazing if it happens. I would love to see the mid-summer classic at Citi, and can you imagine all the buzz and excitement leading up to it. Make it happen!

And finally, here is a cool David Wright video courtesy of ESPN NY. Our five time All Star talks about his experience and his thoughts on the Mets chances in the second half.

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