Who Is Public Enemy #1 For The Mets?

“I want to keep doing the same…keep working…I feel better. I know it’s hard being in the bullpen and coming to the games, so I have to get used to it. I know everything is going to get back…Like when you’re not hitting, that can come in one game. Everything can start doing well. This is baseball…You have to keep positive and keep working. I’m around here and I know what I have to do to be better.”  – Oliver Perez after refusing another minor league assignment. 

Well, it looks like the “little guy” is talking big. It amazes me to no end how a player who has not produced in pretty much every spot given can puff his chest out and make proclamations without any humility.

This would have been a great opportunity for a player nearing his 30’s to turn a corner in attitude and maybe, just maybe performance by accepting assignment and swallow his pride. But with Boras in his ear and a misguided sense of entitlement, I’m sure he thinks he can find a starting job somewhere. Does Siberia have a baseball team???????

Let’s be honest: It wasn’t like Ollie was the most beloved figure in Mets history. If anything, I would say that he is one of the most hated at this point but I’m sure some would disagree. Blogging Mets listed the top ten most hated Mets a while back and surprisingly enough, Victor Zambrano and Oliver Perez are not included. The list is as follows: 

(1) Doug Sisk (1982-1987) ***HATED ON ALL LEVELS***

(2) Kevin McReynolds (1987-1991, 1994)

(3) Vince Coleman a.k.a. “The Firecracker” (1991-1993)

(4) Bobby Bonilla (1992-1995, 1999)

(5) Mel Rojas (1997-1998)

(6) Armando Benitez a.k.a. “The Chokemaster” (1999-2003) ***HE SHOULD HAVE BEEN HIGHER ON THE LIST***

(7) Braden Looper (2004-2005)

(8) Guillermo Mota a.k.a. “Juicy” (2006-2007) ***HE WAS ACTUALLY BETTER WHEN HE WAS JUICED***

(9) Scott Schoeneweis (2007-2008) ***MOM SAID IF YOU HAVE NOTHING GOOD TO SAY, DON”T SAY NOTHING AT ALL***

(10) Luis Castillo (2007-present) ***I THINK HE’S EARNED A PASS FROM THIS LIST***

I can add a few more names that are just as worthy of this list such as: Mo Vaughn (Nuff Said!), Bernard Gilkey, Carlos Baerga (traded in exchange for Jeff Kent), Jim Fregosi, Mackey Sasser (gave new meaning to the words “Mental Block”), Roberto Alomar, Victor Zambrano, and Oliver Perez.

If we made a list today, I am almost positive Perez would be in the top five along with some others. It’s debatable if Perez would make #1 with all these guys considered, but he’s more than deserving, not only because of his performance, but because of his obvious unwillingness to change, make adjustments, and go down to AAA to help the team that pays him oh, so much. About 20 million bucks too much with no reasonable returns in sight. Trade him? Maybe. Cut him? Perhaps. Hate him? Evidently. Why? 36 million reasons and we’re not too fond of the persons that backed up the Brinks truck to give it to him either.

Make your own top 10. Guaranteed that Ollie will make an entrance somewhere.