Ollie, Ollie, Oxen Free???

I may be a day late and a dollar short (it’s been a crazy week for me) but I couldn’t resist weighing in on the Oliver Perez story anymore.  And so, this is my message to him:

Dear Mr. Perez,

I used to be your fan.  But now, I can’t stomach you.  You can’t pitch your way out of a paper bag.  What gives you the audacity to decline a minor league assignment?  No one wants you now, what makes you think anyone will want you after this little episode?

You’re robbing the Mets front office blindly, however they are partly the ones to blame.  Signing you for three years was a mistake.  I guess this is the thanks you give the Mets for putting their faith in you and giving you a job.  I guess no good deed really doesn’t go unpunished.

Consider your $12 million per year a gift, because you’ll never see that again.  Why are you being so selfish?  Give someone else a chance; someone who actually gives a damn about this team.  You’re taking up space on a roster that is in much need of a pitcher, not a bench warmer. And it shows me what kind of person you are, that you don’t even want to better yourself, let alone this team.


Aggravated Mets Fan (Me!!)

Now, someone get me a stamp, quick!!!