New York, New York: Rumble In The Bronx

It’s that time again – I happen to love the Subway Series, but I know there are others who don’t.  Anyway we’ve reached the weekend and it’s the second act of the Subway Series for 2010. The Mets go to the Big City for the games at the new Yankee Stadium on Friday night, and Saturday and Sunday afternoons.  The Mets are on a seven game winning streak, and the Yankees have just lost two games to the Phillies.
Each team has a Big Player that is ‘under the weather’ so to speak.  Carlos Beltran has been photographed at PSL with a brace still on his leg, and Alex Rodriguez has been DHing due to some unknown (to us) ailment.
This years’ Mets – old and new – are paying close attention to their game and each other on the field these days and boy, does it show.  I don’t think I’ve seen such camaraderie since Keith and Ron and the others on the 80’s s teams played for Davey Johnson.  Loose clubhouse?  Yes, but it makes for relaxed players, comfortable with each other.
The Yankees are always the most serious team on the field – it’s the Steinbrenner way and he’s watching although unable to attend games anymore due to poor health. He’s still Mr. Yankee and loves this game like no one else.  That’s the difference between the owners.  The Wilpons treat the Mets like a hobby, not a business.
This seems to be the Year of the Pitcher for both teams and each team has a catcher that can hit. The Yankees always get extra points for Mariano Rivera.  I’d say that each team has a really good pitching contingent – both starters and relievers – young and old – and as usual various types of personality on the mound.
Derek still plays short better than anyone else his age – 36 next week – and his demeanor never changes. Even before he was named Captain at a young age, he was very serious about his place on the Yankees.  The Mets have a guy like that, but the Wilpons have – so far – refused to name David Wright as the Mets Captain – a real mistake on their part.
Both teams have some newcomers scattered around and they seem to fit in well – perhaps the newest of the group is the Mets’ Ike Davis, who played like a seasoned professional right from the start.  (Dad and Grandpa both played in the majors).  The Yankees have some new outfielders – Nick Swisher and  Curtis Granderson – who can hit the long ball when you least expect it.
If I had to choose the best manager – there’s no question in my mind that it would be Jerry Manuel over Joe Girardi – it’s no contest.
For those who love the game – enjoy