MLB Draft Preview: Outfielders

Yesterday we featured the Left-Handed Pitchers available in the 2010 MLB Draft, and Monday was the talented pool of Righties.

Today, we’ll look at the outfielders.

Bryce Brentz: Bryce is one of the best bats in this class. He will end up as a corner outfielder. He’s played some center, but he’ll likely be a permanent corner. But if you draft Brentz, you’re not looking at his defense. Brentz packs power. the junior from Middle Tennesse State has consistently kept up good averages, and he’s kept good OBP’s as well. Walks and strikeouts will be normal for a power hitter.

Worth noting that Brentz was drafted out of High School as a pitcher. He still pitched a little, but his future is as an outfielder.

Brentz will hit between 25-35 HR’s a year in the majors. 25-30 at Citi Field. I’m really not sure how to project batting average, as everyone hits well in College, but it’s not the same in the pros. He’s not going to kill us with average. He may be a plus player defensively in Right or Left Field. The past pitching has given him a plus arm in the field. Brentz will be a solid, safe pick, and a good producer for years. ETA: 2013

Michael Choice: I didn’t realize, until I was going over my notes, how similar the scouting reports are between Brentz and Choice. Choice is a current CF at a small school (Texas-Arlington) who will likely move to a corner. Choice has a lot of power and good hitting tools. Choice will be solid in the field. They’re both right-handed. So, what’s the difference between them?

Choice has the potential to hit for a higher average and more power. So, Choice may be the better bat than Brentz. Choice also steals bases. Not a lot, but a decent amount. So does choice jump ahead of Brentz? Yes. ETA: 2013.

There’s a bit of a drop from Brentz/Choice to the next tier, and it’s not likely that the following will be taken 7th, but we’ll touch on a few more high-profile outfielders.

Josh Sale: High School left-handed bat. Will grow to be a low-average bopper. He hits for power, but his average, though unspectacular, won’t kill the team. A future 5 or 6 hitter. Will need at least 4 years in the minors. ETA: 2015

Delino DeShields Jr.: Son of the former MLB 2B. Can play OF and 2B. Deshields Jr.has speed and decent power. Will steal bases, like his father, but could hit more HR’s than his father. He’s the first person I’ve listed here, that I expect to play Centerfield. A High School talent who could have gone to a big football program. The Astros really like him, and to be honest, so do I. Late 1st rounder. ETA: 2014.

This isn’t a bad field overall. I expect there to be a healthy amount of outfielders from this draft making the majors. If Choice is available, the Mets should give him some real consideration. I’m taking a stand that after Harper and Machado, Michael Choice is the next best hitter. I’m also taking the stand that Choice will jump F-Mart as the top OF prospect.  I’m not calling Brentz a poor man’s Choice, because he’s very good in his own right. One of them will certainly be available at 7. They both are so similar, and will have long careers as good hitters.

Tomorrow we’ll look at the infielders, including Catchers. Friday will be my pick.