Mets Need Early Deadline Help For Pennant Chase…

So many times this season, the Mets have been in fitful starts and stops. The streakiness of this team would make a nudist blush. The many ‘in house’ adjustments to their roster has resulted in positive reviews from around the blogosphere and the print media, and had positive effects on the team and it’s production. The numbers don’t lie, this team is much better without OP and Maine in the rotation.

Omar Minaya has been handed out imaginary and real high-fives and kudos from many different precincts in Met nation. Michael Bloomberg might even start doing commercials thanking Omar as well as asking LeBron to come to play in NYC. How about a Bloomy/Omar commercial to Drayton McLane begging for an inexpensive way to get Oswalt? The kudos Omar has received are well deserved to now, but attempts to fill the starting pitching void must be, in all eventualities, what will decide whether those congratulations were premature.

Whether those deals be the waiver or non waiver trade deadline or earlier is open to conjecture.

However, the Mets should be proactive and get the players they need NOW. Surely the price can only go up as the Mets patchwork pitching staff is just 2 successive bad starts by RA Dickey and Hisanori Takahashi from being forced to bring back John Maine or Ollie Perez, in the rotation. A catastrophe that compounds itself should young Mr. Niese suffer a hamstring setback.

But if you deal now, you can at least come on the phone with other GM’s having a new attitude, and give the old , “He’s not much better statistically than what we already have” line. If you wait, It’s akin to calling a bank robber and asking how much does he want to steal? Pay the right price now, or pay a premium price nearer the deadline when everyone will be vying for the same elite players.

If Lee’s available now, make serious efforts now. If Oswalt is available now, make serious efforts now. No need to wait. This team’s a contender. Solidify it‘s weak spot, the rotation. If this team is going to be relieved of prospects for an elite pitcher, do so now, when they’ll do the most good to help this team attain it’s goal, a playoff spot.

Rather than go down that road of HAVING to overpay and make a deal at the deadline, lets go get what this team needs right now. It’s safe to assume, that this team should have enough offensively, and has enough depth in position players to contend. The only true need is starting pitching with a track record of success.  With a plethora of elite starting pitching becoming available, it would be prudent to part with certain prospects in the right deal, with immediacy. When I say elite I mean # 1 or # 2 types.

Until a week ago, many believed the Mets should seek out lower cost alternatives to their pitching quandary. Lower cost in terms of lower cost for lower tier help, both starting, and relieving. If you’d told Met Nation the Mets had dealt for Kevin Millwood and a reliever 2 weeks ago, They’d have at least said the franchise was making the attempt. But Omar didn’t and after delving into the numbers, and seeing Millwood with mine own eyes am not sure that would be a prudent course of action.

The Mets need Starting Pitching and fresh relief help. The bench seems okay. Carter’s been great for morale and attitude and has produced. Ruben Tejada may be the 2nd baseman of the here and now, and future (Reese Havens might be too.)  Ike Davis is fitting in and growing up, all while producing.

But the pitching is the imperative. Both relievers and starters.

Don’t give the opposition an opportunity to breathe. Make deadline deals now.  This team is only 1 ½ out of first. Patience is fine when the winter is here, in early summer give me the GM/Owner who believes in his team and knows the earlier the team gets the help, the better… You remember the CC Sabathia deal with Milwaukee and Cleveland yes? Without the early trade for Sabathia, (July 7th 2008) the Mets may have made the playoffs in ’08.  CC gave the Brew Crew 4 or 5 more starts than if acquired on July 31st.  How many games did we finish out of the playoffs in ‘07, and ‘08? Each victory is important. History has taught us that as Met fans. A victory in mid to late June and early July may not seem important, until the end of September when you finish 1 game out of the playoffs…

The Mets and Met Nation love the way this team has come together. Adding an elite starter now rather than later may give this team the confidence, and bring the realization that they can win… Win big, Win now…