Mets Draft Watch: Day 2

Well, we’re in for a long day of draft picks on Day 2. The Mets did not have a pick in the Compensation Round or Round 2.

This page will be updated throughout the day with every new pick, as well as my comments and background info.

I would like to thank all of you who said nice things about my draft feature last week.

Pick 89 (Rd. 3): Norman Blake Forsythe, Catcher R/R; Jr. from Tennessee

You’re not going to see much under the name “Norman Forsythe” as he goes by the name “Blake.” I learned that the hard way in Google search.

Anyway, 2009 was his first full year starting for the Vols. He has a line of .347/.486/.663 with 51 Runs, 15 HR, and 46 RBI his junior year. Forsythe was drafted for his power. I like this pick.

Also, Keith Law of ESPN hates him: “he’s Adam Dunn at the plate — it takes an act of Congress to get the bat off his shoulder”

Ouch. But I’ll take Dunn’s power. Forsythe also has thrown out 35% of runners.

Pick 122: (Rd. 4) Cory Vaughn, Centerfielder R/R; Jr. from San Diego St.

Son of Greg Vaughn, nephew of Mo. 2010 line of .378/.454/.606; was drafted for bat. 21/55 BB/K ratio. 9 HR, 55 RBI. I like this pick.

Pick 152 (Rd. 5) Matthew Den Dekker, Centerfielder L/L; Sr. from Florida

Followed a good high school senior year with bad freshman year for the Gators. Good sophomore year followed by bad junior year. Good senior year. Selected to SEC All-Defense team twice. Fast in the outfield. Also check this out

Pick 182 (Rd. 6) Greg Peavey, RHP, R/R, Jr. from Oregon St.

2010 Stats: 6-3, 3.64 ERA; 29/72 BB/K ratio; BAA .260; gave up a lot of doubles. Two-time Pac-10 Pitcher of the Week in 2010. Curious why they didn’t take Jesse Hahn in this spot. Not a bad pick though.

Pick 212 (Rd. 7) Jeffrey Walters, RHP, R/R, Sr. from Georgia

2010 stats: 2-6 with a 7.90 ERA. 41/55 BB/K ratio. .338 BAA with 13 Wild Pitches? Those are Oliver Perez-like numbers. Head-scratching pick.

Pick 242 (Rd. 8 ) Kenneth McDowall, RHP So. from College of Southern Nevada.

Ranked 59th best Junior College prospect of 2010 by Perfect Game USA.

Pick 272 (Rd. 9) Jacob Degrom, RHP, Jr. from Stetson U.

2010 states: 16/56 BB/K ratio. 0.55 HR/9IP. Converted infielder. Not bad for a 9th rounder.

Pick 302 (Rd. 10) Akeel Morris, RHP, High School, US Virgin Islands

Throws a 94 MPH fastball. Committed to College, but I hope the Mets go above slot to steal him. Footage here and here. I like him more than Walters, McDowall, or Degrom.

Pick 332 (Rd. 11) Adam Kolarek, LHP, Jr. from Maryland

2010 stats: .246 BAA. K per inning. Must work on control in the minors, and I can easily see him as a lefty in the pen.

Pick 362 (Rd. 12) Brett Mitchell, RHP, Jr. from Minnesota State-Mankato

2010 stats: 33/108 BB/K ratio.10-4, 4.31 ERA, and 4 complete games. .258 BAA with 11 Wild Pitches. I like this pick, whether he stays a starter or reliever. I hope he stays as a starter.

Pick 392 (Rd. 13) Brian Harrison, 3B, R/R Jr. from Furman U.

.367/.462/.734; 14/11 BB/K ratio. 10 HR, 22 RBI in 36 games. I like.

World Cup Trivia: Clint Dempsey came from Furman.

Pick 422 (Rd. 14) James Brown, 2B, L/R, Jr. from U Pacific

.376/.407/.602; Will hit a lot of singles. 43 Runs in 53 games. I feel good.

Pick 452 (Rd. 15) Tillman Pugh, CF, R/R, Jr. from Sonoma St.

Pick 482 (Rd. 16) Ryan Fraser, RHP, Sr. from Memphis

Will strike people out, but must stop giving up hits, wild pitches, hit batters, and HR’s. I see a future reliever.

Pick 512 (Rd. 17) Chad Sheppard, RHP, Jr. from Northwestern State

Relief prospect.

Pick 542 (Rd. 18 ) Alexander “AJ” Pinera, RHP, Sr. from Tampa

Doesn’t walk that many people because he’s busy giving up hits. K per inning, but must cut down on hits.

Pick 572 (Rd. 19) Jonathan Kountis, RHP, Sr. from Embry Riddle

K per inning, .264 BAA. Worth a flyer.

Pick 602 (Rd. 20) Lucas Stewart, 1B, L/R, Sr. from Alabama-Birmingham

Did someone say big bat? .299/.399/.680 with 50 R, 21 HR, and 64 RBI in 53 games. I see a low-average bopper, who can take walks.

Pick 632 (Rd. 21) Dabias Johnson, 2B, R/R High School, Georgia

Don’t know much about him, but he has a 1045 SAT. If that counts for something.

Pick 662 (Rd. 22) Brandon Brown, SS, R/R, Sr. from U South Alabama

Pick 692 (Rd. 23) Drew Martinez, CF, L/L, So. from Memphis

2010 stats: .377/.429/.454 with 29 SB’s and 62 Runs in 58 games. Potential #2 or #8 hitter. I like.

Pick 722 (Rd. 24) Eric Goeddel, RHP, Jr. from UCLA

Relief prospect with K per IP potential

Pick 752 (Rd. 25) Peter Birdwell, RHP, Sr. from Vanguard U

Pick 782 (Rd. 26) James Butler, SS, Switch, Sr. from Mississippi St.

Pick 812 (Rd. 27) Michael Weldon, RHP, Sr. from Wayland Baptist U

Pick 842 (Rd. 28) Jeremy Gould, LHP, Sr. from Duke

Pick 872 (Rd. 29) Hamilton Bennett, LHP, Jr. from Tennessee Wesleyan

Pick 902 (Rd. 30) Josh Edgin, LHP, Sr. from Francis Marion U

Well that’s it for Day 2. I must say, this is not a bad draft. In Round 3, we addressed our Catcher of the future. Blake Forsythe will be a power hitter from behind the plate, even though he may not be pretty. He’s not Grandal, but he’s a legit bat who can throw runners out.

I also expect Cory Vaughn to make the team in four years. He’s too good not to.

Akeel Morris and Lucas Stewart are my two sleepers. I hope the Mets lure him away from college, because I think Morris will be a future closer. Lucas Stewart must work on his contact, but he has real power.

Greg Peavey and Brett Mitchell could be two decent future starters to keep your eye on in four years.

James Brown and Drew Martinez, I see as good contact-hitter prospects.

Matthew Den Dekker could continue on in CF. He’ll take a few years, but I’m not sure how he’ll turn out.

I also find that we drafted a lot of future relievers. Granted, we drafted pitchers that can strike people out, but a lot of future relievers.

All-in-all, a lot of the players in the majors today came in rounds 2-30. We’ll definitely see a bunch of them in Queens.

In 10 years: This draft will be remembered for Matt Harvey, Blake Forsythe, Cory Vaughn, Brett Mitchell, Akeel Morris, Drew Martinez, Matthew Den Dekker and Lucas Stewart.

BTW: I know you’ll ask this; so with the picks acquired by the Red Sox for Billy Wagner (20 and 39), Boston selected Kolbrin Vitek and Anthony Ranuado.

Notes: You’ll hear a lot of SEC players in the draft, because that’s where a lot of talent is.

Weird But True: Boston drafted a guy named Kendrick Perkins in the 5th Rd. I think he’s a little busy right now.

Also: Detroit Tigers drafted Jim Leyland’s son in the 8th Rd. The Giants drafted Bruce Bochy’s son in Rd. 20. The Rockies drafted Jim Tracy’s son in Rd. 22.