Meeting Ike Was Another Amazin’ Thrill For Me!


When you work in a large city such as New York, you run the risk of letting it becoming mundane, and sometimes forget how great it is, and what can happen on any given day.

I work in the heart of Times Square, and there are times when it makes me, well frankly, grouchy. When I’ve put in a full day, I expect to walk out of the building and have a clear path to the subway home, and most days that is hardly the case, I get stuck behind the dreaded………tourist…….

On Monday, I got a sharp smack in the back of the head and was reminded how much fun and how great it is to be part of all this……….madness………

The NASDAQ building is across from where I work and on Monday, I got a school girl thrill………….the opening bell was rang by Frank Robinson, Tommy Lasorda, Jimmie Lee Solomon and our very own Ike Davis.

I heard about this on Sunday so I was smart enough to toss my camera in my bag, run downstairs at 9:25 and made sure my co-workers knew for the next 15 minutes, I was unavailable. When they came out for the obligatory photo op, I got right in the middle of things and snapped away. While taking pics I looked to my left, and I was standing next to Chris “The Animal” Carter. Then to my right I saw Jay Horowitz and Ike walking towards him.

I moved towards them, told them what a fan I was and I shook their hands!

I felt like a school girl again, giddy and blushing. I told them that I am aware that there is a lot going on, but I believe in them and I believe in this team. They thanked me and told me they appreciated it……….

I do believe in this team. A fan with memories of the 1969 World Series, sadness when we heard Gil Hodges had a heart attack and died, watching live as Willie Mays hit his last homerun, the anger I felt towards Pete Rose for beating up my favorite Met, Bud Harrelson. The mitt slapping the leg of Tug McGraw and his chant of “YA GOTTA BELIEVE”, Jesse Orosco throwing his mitt in the air and falling to the ground after recording the last out of the ’86 World Series, the stream of tears watching the pre-game of the first game after September 11, 2001 and joy of watching Mike Piazza hitting the go ahead homerun in that game.

I do believe in this town, and I think the future looks bright.

Our friends from across town can chant 27 all they want, but I’m very content with what I have in my memory bank thus far, with room for more and besides my mother always told me its “Quality not Quantity”

This Fan Post was submitted by Kay, a long time reader of MMO and one of the biggest Mets fans I know!

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