Is Mets Offense Only Ones To Blame For Santana’s Record?

I’ve given this careful consideration and have come to a conclusion.  I love Johan Santana, but I’m not so sure that the lack of run support is the only reason for his disappointing record this year.

Granted, the Mets didn’t score a single run in yesterday’s game.  So no matter how good or bad Johan would have pitched, the Mets still can’t win if they don’t score runs.

So the Mets didn’t score any runs.  Let’s look at that from another standpoint, shall we?  C.C. Sebathia didn’t give up any runs.  Hmmmm … makes you think, doesn’t it?  If you’re going to compare, then compare apples to apples, not apples to oranges.

The Mets didn’t score any runs, but the Yankees did.  Both the offense and the pitching are responsible.  End of story.