I Sang “Send Me An Angel” And The Mets Answered!

Ok, being that it is a Wednesday morning after a thrilling walk-off victory against the best team in the National League, I figured I would share with you a little story about how I may have helped the Mets win last night.

Let me first go on record stating that I would not consider myself to be a very spiritual man, however I am still a believer none-the-less and after last night, might consider becoming a priest.  Last night while watching the Mets in a 1-1 tie in the bottom of the 10th inning as Angel Pagan came up to bat, I felt the need to begin singing the 1983 hit “Send Me An Angel” by Real Life.  Now I have long felt that the Mets should play this song when Pagan comes up to bat, because it has a really catchy tune, and well, let’s face it, his name is Angel… Send Me An Angel, you get it.

Well I began to sing the song as Angel approached the batters box and continued to sing it through the entire at-bat (albeit, singing the chorus since I could not tell you how the rest of the song goes).  Well as you all know, Pagan smacks the cover off the ball to the Deepest part of Citi Field only to have a fan interfere with it resulting in Pagan having a triple.  I can’t tell you what kind of emotions rushed through my body when that happen, my eyes widened to their max and I sat up in my seat.

I guess you could say I felt that I maybe called out to some higher power asking for the Mets to get some help, and someone answered…

Well Jason Bay came up and struck out on a bad pitch he waived at, and at that point felt that maybe the fact that me singing “Send Me An Angel” and Pagan slugging out a triple was just mere coincidence.  (FYI, I did not sing “Send Me An Angel” during Bay’s at-bat, because, well his name isn’t Angel).

So the Top of the 11th passes with some little drama but Dessens gets the team out of the inning. 

Up comes Ike Davis to lead-off the bottom of the 11th.  Now having sung “Send Me An Angel” during Angel Pagan’s at-bat and then bearing witness to his triple, for some reason that I can not explain, I felt the urge to sing “Send Me An Angel” during Ike’s at-bat.  Why, I have no idea, his name is “Ike”, not “Angel”; but bear in mind, the song is really catchy, especially when you do the “whooo-hooo-hooo’s” that follows the “Send Me An Angel” chorus.  Anyways, I’m there butchering up this song, and low and behold, Ike Davis hits the walk-off homerun.  Well when that happened, I leaped off the couch, started screaming the song now (most likely pissing off the people below me) and began to feel like I had some sort of prayer answered.  It was the most bizarre and unworldly experience I have ever had involving me watching a Mets game on TV.

Like I said, I’m not a super spiritual man to begin with, and I guess it could be just mere coincidence that me singing “Send Me An Angel” and both Pagan and Davis come up big.  I don’t know, but I can tell you one thing for sure…

Tonight during the Mets game, if the Mets are trailing by a run or need a run to win the game… You bet your ass I will be singing the crap out of that song!

Trust me when I say, you can’t just make this stuff up!

Let’s Go Mets


Send Me An Angel, Whoooo-Hooo-Hooo, Right Now!