I Hate To Bring This Up, But…..

This is one of those posts that may incite a riot, but I’ll knock wood, and cross my fingers and toes when I say what I have to say…..that the Mets have had no serious injuries yet this season to key players.  We won’t count Carlos Beltran, who had surgery back in January, or Jose Reyes, who began the year on the DL but joined the team shortly after.  And we certainly won’t count underachievers like John Maine or Oliver Perez, whose injuries have sort of been a blessing.  Heck, you could say that about Beltran’s injury an the emergence of Angel Pagan.  Or Daniel Murphy giving way to Ike Davis.  And having Luis Castillo on the DL hasn’t exactly been horrible.

But what I’m getting at is this….we haven’t had injuries to key players like David Wright, Jason Bay, Davis, Johan Santana, Mike Pelfrey, Pedro Feliciano, or K-Rod…or to any of our catchers.  Last year, it was like we were legitimately cursed with the injury bug. So with the core of the Mets in the lineup and on the mound each day and each week, and with the team playing just about as well as it’s capable, second place and 1.5 games out on June 23 doesn’t seem so ridiculous.

And seriously, after last year, we were due for some better luck both with injuries and with the performances of our regulars.  Now, if the tides turn and David Wright rolls his ankle running the bases tonight, I’ll take the heat that’s coming to me.  But I think we’re in for a wild (and hopefully successful) run toward the playoffs this season.