Even I’m Starting To Believe

Most of you who read my words on here each week know that I have a healthy dose of skepticism and cynicism when it comes to these Mets.  But while I’m not about to start sending “Ya gotta believe!” messages like one of my buddies does even when the Mets lose a bunch of games in a row, it’s hard not to believe there is something magical going on here.

First of all, while we all clamored for a #2 or even #3 pitcher behind Johan Santana, Mike Pelfrey has stepped up unexpectedly into that role, and then some.  You can almost call he and Santana co-aces at this point.  And who would have thought RA Dickey would be picked up off the scrap heap and delivered quality innings the way he has?  Those three guys have the Mets right in the thick of an early pennant race–2.5 games back of the Braves and a half game back of the mighty Phillies.  Of course, the Marlins and Nationals are right there too, making this a potentially explosive second half in the NL East.

Also, guys like Ike Davis and Chris Carter have provided pop and spark, collectively, and Rod Barajas leads the team in homers.  Oh, and David Wright has regained the power stroke he lost last year.  All this and Carlos Beltran hasn’t even seen the field.  Heck, we may not need him!  Finally, K-Rod even seems to have re-discovered his fastball or become more confident in it.  Sure, he’s blown a few, but what closer hasn’t?

So yes, on June 9, I do believe.  I believe this team has a significant shot at winning the division and making noise in the playoffs.  Wins like last night continue to breed confidence in the players, management and in us fans.  Let’s go Mets!