Cliff Lee vs. Yankees… If Lee Wins, Don’t Bother Getting On The Plane Back To Seattle.

Ok, tonight Cliff Lee will battle the New York Yankees, at Yankee Stadium in what the majority of Mets fans and the media can only see as the last audition Cliff Lee might need to make this year.  What I am saying here is basically…

If Cliff Lee dominates the Yankees tonight, then my message to Cliff would be…

“Call American Airlines and cancel to return portion of your trip because their is a limo outside Yankee stadium waiting to drive you to Citi Field to get measured and outfitted.”

Now I am sure many of you will argue till the cow’s come home about not wanting to deal prospects for a rental, well their is merit to your rants, and I don’t necessarily dispute your arguments, and in fact, on most occasions would be barking right next to you.

But I ask that you first hear me out, and then feel free to comment as you wish. 

A recent report from the Seattle Times suggest that the Mariners originally sent a proposal to the Mets that included Jenrry Mejia and Angel Pagan for Cliff Lee.  There was also reports saying that the Mets were unwilling to deal Mejia.  In addition, Geoff Baker (of the Seattle Times) suggest that if Mejia is not available that perhaps the Mariners would be better suited trading Cliff Lee for Josh Thole and Angel Pagan.  Well hearing this certainly perked my ears up.

I like Josh Thole, he has potential, and god knows the Mets have needed a home grown catching prospect forever, but…

then there is Cliff Lee.

I also love Angel Pagan, he has proved to be invaluable for the first half of the season in 2010, but a recent injury has brought about the revelation that he is in fact mortal and thus his dependability is suspect.  He has had timely hits, and definitely illustrated the right work effort and energy that this club has lacked for years, but…

and then there is Cliff Lee, the 4 walks in 80+ innings Cliff Lee.

So the Mets and there fans have reached an impasse regarding what to do, what to do.  Pagan has been fantastic, but are his starts dwindling before our eyes, whether by injury or by Beltran’s return.  Thole has promise, but is he what we want him to be, or will he end up like Omir Santos and fizzle out once the league has the book on him.  There are a lot of questions, and as time continues to pass, we lose 1, 2, 3 more additional starts from Lee. 

This year the Mets split with the Yankees, 3 games a piece.  With the Yankees tearing through the American League, there is a good chance that they might represent the AL in the World Series.  If the Mets are fortunate enough to find themselves representing the NL in the World Series, acquiring Lee might be the tie-breaking chip the Mets need to take that game 7 from the Yanks.

Look, if the Mariners follow Geoff Baker’s of the Seattle Times idea of trading Lee for Pagan and Thole; if I am the Mets, I pull the trigger asap.  I mean, being able to rent Lee without parting with your top pitching prospect, and giving up a fourth outfielder and a low B to C grade Catching prospect is a steal in my book.

I say you pat Pagan on the back and thank him for his phenomenal play to date, and tell him to not get comfy over there in Seattle since he will be a free agent this off season anyways.  We can always re-sign him in the off season.

Lets Go Mets!!