We Welcome The Yankees To The 2010 Subways Series At Citi Field

Yesterday I read that perhaps there would be more Yankee Fans at Citi Field tonight than Mets fans.  I suppose that is possible, but I’ll leave it to the management to get those figures. 
The Yankees haven’t sold out this year either- they’ve got all those empty seats behind home plate. Not sure whether it’s due to the economy or the price hikes generated by both the Mets and Yankees to pay for these ‘theme parks’ as I’ve heard them described.
Perhaps there are some who enjoy all the extras, but it always reminds me that Fenway sells out every game without them and there are fans in those tiny seats in Boston no matter what the weather either.
You see, the game is the thing.  Many of us learned to love the game of  baseball by throwing to Dad – or Mom – or our siblings in the back yard, pretending to be Mickey Mantle or Tom Seaver or Ted Williams. 
Those were the days.  Baseball was a simple game – No pitch counts, no limited innings played, no platooning,  no changing pitchers constantly in the late innings.
Remember that  saying from “Bull Durham”?   “you throw the ball, you hit the ball, you catch the ball” ?  
It’s still true.
So this weekend we will welcome our baseball neighbors from the Bronx and next month, they will welcome us to their new place where they have every amenity, too. 
However, you can still enjoy the game if you pay close attention –
It’s Yankees vs. Mets!
And the excitement is still there – 
On the “Field of Dreams”.