Trade Winds: Rod Barajas, Andy Sonnanstine, Roy Oswalt

As my colleague Mike Lloyd informed us last night, Houston Astros ace Roy Oswalt has demanded a trade and will waive his no-trade clause to get something expedited. From the sound of it, this might be something that gets done very soon and will not linger on until the July trade deadline.

I just wanted to weigh in and voice my own support for such a move by the Mets and I do hope that they make a strong offer to secure him for this season and next. Oswalt is owed about $30 million for the next two seasons which is only about 20% more than they owe Oliver Perez.

Of course acquiring a talent like Oswalt is easier said than done and would require a hefty return in exchange. Any offer from the Mets may have to include our top pitching prospect, Jenrry Mejia.

But hey, if that’s what it takes to get the best available starter on the block and a true ace, then so be it.

According to Buster Olney in a post to ESPN Insider, the Mets may be interested in acquiring Andy Sonnanstine to fill one of the voids in the starting rotation.

With all due respect, I think Buster should stick to reporting and stay out of the speculation business because in all honesty he sucks at it.

Sorry folks, but Andy Sonnanstine doesn’t come close to fixing any of the Mets problems in the rotation. It’s probably better for him to stay put as the Rays’ mop up man.

We already have several mop up men of our own to choose from, no need to import any new ones.

Here’s some new from the Lone Star state… 

It seems that the Texas Rangers have become very enamored with the only non-pitcher that is actually exceeding expectations for the Mets this season. Yes, Of course we are talking about catcher Rod Barajas, who recently slugged his tenth homer of the season.

However, there’s something about Texas Rangers rumors that has become the norm in the last two years. Whenever one of those rumors involve the Mets, nothing ever comes from them. I’m still waiting for Omir Santos trade they were on the verge of making, or the big Kevin Millwood to the Mets trade they were very close on.

Anyhow it doesn’t really matter because where Rod Barajas is concerned, here’s my advice for the Rangers, looksies only, no touchies and absolutely no takesies.

Finally, no new news on the Luis Castillo front who was reportedly the topic of conversation between the Mets and the Rockies.

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