Tony Paige – The Voice In The Night

Whenever I can’t sleep, or wake up much too early – I turn to WFAN and the voice of the night, Tony Paige.  The soft sound of that calming voice helps every time. 

Last night, one of the topics was Jose Reyes and the fact that he has never learned to bunt.  Tony’s suggestion is to make him learn, put him back in the leadoff position, let him get on base and become the other team’s problem.
When I realized that Jose is only six months younger than David Wright and still is so undisciplined, Tony’s suggestion becomes a plan.  We all remember Jose in his younger days simply running wild on base and distracting everyone. 
In fact, that’s the only game plan Jose has and he doesn’t show any signs of wanting to change.  No matter what the manager says, Jose plays his way seemingly not understanding his new role or anything different. 
I say, let him.
I  thank Tony for another night of intelligent conversation about sports and whatever else the callers bring up along with some music of his own for the ins and outs of station breaks. 
However you should turn WFAN off promptly at 6AM – when the foulest voice on radio –  Craig Carton –  shows up. 
It’s a wonder the station hasn’t lost its’ license due to him and his language and antics.  I also wonder why Boomer puts up with it – it’s not his style and never has been. 
Go turn on “Mike and Mike in the Morning” – they have a much better show.