Please Help Murph Find A Home….

It’s getting that every day there is talk about Daniel Murphy and what his future holds. I was initially down with the idea of his trying out first base and seeing if he can adapt especially after the left field experiment went awry fast. With the emergence of Ike Davis, there is no doubt that Murphy has no place at that position. And if I absolutely had to choose a backup at first, I’ve been on record about Chris Carter in that spot. Some of the craziest suggestions have come down the pike such as his returning to left field. I don’t think there are any words to describe my feelings on that. Hopefully, we’ve turned that corner.

There is still much hope within the Met camp for Murphy’s bat to add another dimension to the team’s dynamic. I have to be honest. I don’t know what that is. He may have some future as a utility player, which allows him to remain with the team, but it wouldn’t seem to help his growth and production as he probably wouldn’t play as much as he needs to. And if he is not manning a regular position on the field, that alone could diminish his overall value. This kind of reminds me of Super Joe for some reason. Maybe somebody can help me with that one.

So what chance does Murphy have with the team?

His natural position is third base but you know D Wright is going nowhere. He barely wants to take a day off. Second base has been discussed as a place where his bat and hopefully, his glove could be useful. Luis Castillo is doing fairly well at the position and with his bat, even on the base-paths. Castillo is rounding out a 4-yr deal worth about 24 million big ones. Is Murphy, in your mind, the heir apparent? If Delgado never had that hip surgery, Murph may not even have gotten the opportunity at first base at all. So that doesn’t leave a lot of options.

Just the very thought of trading him brings a lot of questions. What could we possibly get in return that will have significant value? The fact that he is being looked at to try different positions means one of two things: Either the team sees him as the future of this organization and are trying to keep him around in some fashion or they are showcasing him to move him elsewhere. Do you feel that this guy is worth the effort and if so, which way do you lean from the two options?

If he is to remain, where would he play? If he is to be shipped out, where can he go where we can get a decent return?

Murph’s future is up in the air but it has to come down sometime. This decision will say a lot about how the Mets will progress as an organization.

I’m surprisingly torn between finding a spot for him or trading him. It does something positive for me as a Mets fan when we can develop talent and have them produce for the long term. It’s special for the players themselves and for the fans, too. I’m finding it hard to decide how I feel about it. Convince me somehow and make your case.