Phillies Caught Cheating, Point Finger at Mets

This won’t be that long of a blog, I swear. Considering right now I’m home early from work and it’s 4-4 in the game, I’m sure most if not anybody reading this is doing so with GameCast on at work or sitting in front of their home television.

This is about the Philadelphia Phillies.

You know, anybody I know who is a Phillies fan tries to discredit any belief about their fan base or their franchise that I have. I said on record, and took heat for it in October that I would root for the Yankees over the Phillies. I did, and I’m happy I did.

So okay let’s just real quick go over the season thus far for the Phillies.

-A guy forces himself to vomit on a little girl at a game. Stay Classy.

-A college student runs on the field, gets tasered and begins a national debate over how sports security should be handled.

-24 hours later another doofus runs on the field.

Two days ago you probably heard about the G-20 summit forcing Toronto to move their home series against Philadelphia to the city of brotherly love.

Now, I think that is a big pile of crap on MLB’s part. I think they could’ve looked in Pittsburgh, the Pirates are away that weekend. How about Montreal? I just think with Hurricane Ike, MLB did their best to keep it fair for everybody and they caught issues regarding giving the Cubs a game in Milwaukee versus Houston.

So how do they respond? By giving extra home games in the home stadium to the NL champions. Yeah that’s fair.

But, that’s not the only bad press the Phillies have or will get. Oh no, there’s more.

Oh Monday night, Phillies bullpen coach Mick Billmeyer was caught by the Colorado Rockies using binoculars in the bullpen. Clearly an attempt to steal signs, although anybody who is in denial will say something dumb like, he was trying to watch the game, or trying to see where Ruiz was setup.

Regardless, there’s only 1 reason you’d use binoculars during a baseball game while sitting in the bullpen. That reason is to steal signs, and relay the message to the dugout.

Stay classy Philadelphia, stay classy.

Update (6:21pm) I just saw on Loudmouths that Charlie Manuel said this:

“Somebody maybe ought to check the Mets if they did that,” Manuel said. “Their [bleeping] home record is out of this world and they’re losing on the road. Sometimes that’s a good indicator of getting signs and stuff. I see somebody sitting there at (14-7) at home and (4-8) on the road, I’d get concerned about that. That kind of crosses my mind.”

Charlie Manuel, I think I speak for The Wilpon’s, Omar Minaya, Jerry Manuel, the Mets roster and the entire Mets fan base when I say… G….F….Y.

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