Nothing Beats Beating Philly

I have to admit I was a bit frightened by the schedule when I saw the Mets having to face the Yankees and Phillies back to back.  Sure, they would be home, where they have a stellar record (17-9 as of today), but they were facing the two teams that met in the World Series seven months ago.  Taking two of three from the Yanks was nice, but RA Dickey baffling the Phils with his knuckleball last night was a thing of beauty, especially considering how these guys just typically feast on Mets’ pitching.

And after losing to the Red Sox’ Tim Wakefield on Sunday, it appears the Achilles heal of the Phillies is in plain view–throw them that funky pitch and make them look mortal.  Of course, it helps when the Mets’ offense erupts for 8 runs, too, but the bottom line is, it’s a win against the division leader and against a team from that city of brotherly annoyance.

I’ve talked about my hatred for the Phillies and Eagles bordering on unhealthy, and maybe that’s only partially in jest.  Admittedly, my mood is much different after we beat those guys, right afterward and the entire next day.  Am I wrong for feeling this way?  Does a win against Philly have the same effect on any of you?  I’d have to believe it does.

Regardless, let’s go out and pummel them again tonight, because I want my mood to stay this way!