Mike Francesa Attacks Fellow Mets Blogger

Apparently Mike Francesa doesn’t think very highly of us bloggers. Today on his radio program that’s simulcast on the YES network, he went on a rant against Matt Cerrone from MetsBlog. Cerrone wrote a piece today regarding the emergence of Mike Pelfrey, giving him credit for his turnaround. For some reason it irked Francesa so much that it prompted him to say this:

“Who cares what Matt Cerrone thinks…he looks like a 12 year old…who reads blogs anyway?”

Pretty harsh but pretty funny at the same time. He went on to continue his personal attack on Cerrone.  Just who does read blogs Mr. Francesa? Hmmm. Here’s to sticking up for our friends over at MetsBlog.  Bad form Francesa.

Note from Joe D: Give him hell Matt. If Francesa had any guts he would have you on as a guest and challenge you in person, but he knows that you will run circles around him where the Mets are concerned. It’s okay for him to mention how proud he is of Mickey Mantle every single day and speak of him like he’s a god, but it’s not okay for Mets bloggers to have some pride in their team or their players? Just because the Yankees are struggling and their $250 MM poster boy Teixeira is batting .210, there’s no need for Francesa to take it out on Mets fans!

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