MetsMerized Player Of The Week! (Week 7)

We took two of three from the Yankees. I could care less about whether Yankees fans consider the series important or not. The point is, Santana looked sharp, the offense looked alive after Javier blanked them, and Jason Bay woke up. I really hope that it wasn’t just a one night thing for Jason, and that the Mets can at least put up a strong showing against Philadelphia this week. This week was insanely hard to choose a player, because it was a pretty good week overall. The 4-3 record does not tell the whole story.

My choice for MetsMerized Player Of The Week is… Johan Santana!

A lot of people had good individual weeks which shows that sometimes the sum of the parts do not equal the whole. But I had to give it to Santana. When an ace performs like an ace, there is a great feeling that surrounds the team. Just because we expect Santana to pitch brilliantly does not make it any less impressive when he goes out there, and does it. Taking on the Braves and the Yankees, two NYM rivals, Santana needed to perform.

Johan The Man made two starts this week, and posted this line : 2 GS and 2 QS, 1-0 : 14.2 IP, 11 H, 3 ER, 1 HR, 5 BB, 9 K, 1.84 ERA. That may look like a lot of numbers to you, so let me try to break it down. Santana pitched twice, and allowed 2 runs in one game, and one in the other. He shut down the Yankees for 7.2 IP on Sunday, allowing only one ER.

I think the reason I picked Santana is because I’m an old-school kid, so I believe that pitching wins games. Simply put, you can’t win if you don’t score. Some of the offensive players this week, namely Bay, definitely deserved respect. However, Santana has dealt with injury, a horrible bullpen, and terrible run support and he still sticks around to be the warrior of the New York Mets. I expect him to keep it up, even with the low velocity. Congratulations to Johan Santana!

Who’s Hot And Who’s Not

Mike Pelfrey: 2 GS, 2 QS, 1.98 ERA. 13.2 IP, 13 H, 8 K, 3 ER.

Jason Bay: .500/.577/.864 (11-22 ; 2 2B, 2 HR), 3 RBI, 9 R, 3 BB, 19 TB, 2 SB, 0 CS, 7-7 last 7 AB (See why he made it hard?)

Jose Reyes: .226/.250/.226 (7-31), 7 TB, 1 BB, 1 SB, 1 RBI.

Luis Castillo: .143/.200/.143 (2-14), BB.

Past Award Winners:

One Hit Wonders: Jeff Francoeur, Mike Pelfrey, Jose Reyes, Ike Davis, Angel Pagan.

Of Note 5/16-5/23

Jason Bay just needs to face the Yankees everyday, and he’ll be fine. He plays for the Mets now, not the Red Sox…

I loved Mets SP this week. Santana posted a 1.84 ERA and Pelfrey 1.98. Takahashi looked sharp in his 6.0 shutout innings against the Yankees, and Dickey came up big for the Mets so management isn’t so high on promoting Stoner anymore.

Acosta pitched more scoreless innings, but was demoted for the return of Ryota Igarashi, who I honestly like a lot. Watching him Sunday night, he was wild, but his pitches had amazing life.

Wright continues to strike out. What else is new?

Francoeur looked a little better at the plate, but still out of it overall. Chris Carter anyone?

Phillies and the Brewers this week! LGM

(I agree wholeheartedly with this.) Mets Fan in Boston I think anyone going to the Phillies games at Citi Field should bring their pair of binoculars to mess with the philthies