Mets Takahashi Pitching Well..Oswalt Asks Out

As the game moves along, I’m loving the pitching of a ‘professional’ pitcher like Hisanori Takahashi. In Fenway, Bay would have hit that ball out…

I was on my laptop when AP sports alert came across that had a story from AP Sports reporter Kristie Rieken about Roy Oswalt and his agent officially requesting a trade from Houston. Oswalt also intimated he’d be willing to drop his no trade clause. Oswalt, who Omar Minaya once thought he’d acquired in a three way deal involving Houston and Baltimore a few years back, would raise the Mets hopes along with Takahashi and solidify this rotation. It’s not too late to contend…

If Takahashi’s showing this evening has shown anything, especially striking out Derek Jeter to end the top of the fifth, it’s that he can handle this role just as well as he has the long man role

Although rumors have persisted previously of Oswalt being interested in pitching for a contender, a trade request/demand has never been made to my knowledge before, and I would caution Met fans to temper their enthusiasm as Astros owner Drayton McLane and GM Ed Wade intimated that it MAY be something they consider in the future.

Considering John Maine being sent to the DL with shoulder ‘weakness’ the acquisition of Oswalt, who could be positioned behind Johan and in front of Pelfrey would give the Mets a ‘punchers chance’ in the division.

Oswalt is currently 2-6 with a 2.66 ERA for the 14-27 Astros.

I, personally, always believe the Mets should chase elite pitching.

Just an in game FYI Met Nation. Lets Go Mets!