Jose, Jose, Jose, Jose… Who Are You?

So I sat down with the intention of writing an article about Jose Reyes.  I wanted to discuss how high my expectations where of him and how he never became the player everyone expected him too and probably never will.

I looked at some statistical analysis and I have to say….I was a bit surprised.  Jose hasn’t been nearly as disappointing as I expected. 

I think the main problem is that after his 2006 season everyone expected an improvement on .300-19-81 line, with 122 runs and 64 SB thrown in. An improvement on these lofty numbers, would be flirting with all-time Rickey Henderson type greatness.  I think most Mets fans (including myself) expected him to dip into Rickey Henderson territory in the coming years; unfortunately, he never has….and because of his mediocre OBP, probably never will! 

That is certainly a little disappointing, because it seems like that stellar 2006 season was more of a career year, than average production for Jose.  That being said, I think we would all be more than happy to get the .297-16-68 Reyes, for the next 10 years!

I can only speak for myself, but I think I bought in to all this Reyes hype.  I’m getting sick of every announcer and sports writer proclaiming Jose “the most exciting player in baseball.” 

He is a great leadoff hitter, and gold glove caliber SS.  That is it; and that is a lot!  He isn’t this dynamic game changing force that everyone claims he is. He isn’t the one guy that every team has to focus on to beat the Mets (especially with so many other holes right now).

He isn’t the most exciting player in baseball!  He certainly is ONE of the most exciting players, but let’s not set expectations that he will never reach (especially with a career .335 OBP).

He is very good, and very important to the success of this team, but he will never dabble in hall of fame territory.  He would have done it by now.  Players like Jose are in their physical prime at 25 not 30 (speedy, athletic, explosive).

I love Jose Reyes as much as any other Met right now.  But let’s not mince words my friends. 

We expected Rickey Henderson, but we got Brian Roberts….which isn’t so bad!