Johan Santana’s Health

This past Saturday night, the NYPD began an investigation involving an SUV parked in Times Square packed with fertilizer and fireworks that could have been part of some kind of terrorist attack.

A report from the Washington Post surfaced that Police and FBI agents are investigating a 911 call placed at 4 a.m. Sunday from a public telephone near Times Square warning of an imminent explosion and that it was only a diversion.

Serious stuff no doubt. What it illustrates besides how living in a post 9-11 world is more dangerous than ever, it shows us that at the very least, we really are never told exactly what’s going on. Whether that’s good or not I guess depends on your point of view.

It’s odd to me while watching Johan Santana get his caboose handed to him that I thought of the Times Square situation. By no means am I trying to trivialize national security or what the men and women who protect us everyday do. Hardly.

What dawned on me isn’t what we know, but probably the countless things involving this developing story that we don’t have the foggiest about, and probably never will.

That’s what made me think of Johan Santana. Is he really ok? His last outing he was hitting the mid to high 80’s on the JUGGS gun with his fastball. Even the SNY broadcasting team picked up on it. For his change-up to be effective it has to have some separation in speed from his heater. That’s the case for any pitcher who wants to be successful.

He was hitting around 90-91 on Sunday night but his pitches were down the pipe and lifeless which usually means a pitcher is overthrowing and not loose.

Now I’m going to say something that’s going to sound self-serving on my part but it totally isn’t. This past March I had bone chips removed from my elbow and had my triceps tendon repaired.

Now I’m at best, one one billionth the athlete that Santana is and I’m still coming along slowly here. Santana did have bones chips removed this past off season, however his velocity has had a gradual decrease over the past few years.

Professional athletes like Johan Santana have an intense sense of pride and it’s what makes guy’s like Johan so enjoyable to watch and root for. But guys like Johan can also be like my grandmother called me, a capo dost. Italian readers will know what I mean but it means hardheaded.

If something isn’t right with Johan, should he pitch? With so many people criticizing players the past year for not being “gamers” it could play into his thought process, even though he would say no. He’s human. I wouldn’t hold it against him.

But really who knows what the truth really is and more importantly…would we really want to know?

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